Mumpreneur website

4 Things You Need for Your Website as a Mumpreneur

Are you designing your new business website? There are various key pieces that need to be included in the design and structure. Here are some of the parts of your website that you can’t miss. 



First, you need to make sure that you do add a chatbot to your website. You might assume that a chatbot isn’t going to fit into your business budget. However, we’re pleased to tell you that they are an affordable option for smaller companies and highly beneficial. With a chatbot, you will be able to guarantee that consumers can ask direct queries. This is great if your site structure isn’t perfect and let’s be honest, it probably isn’t. It’s difficult to get the structure of your website right and even harder to correct it later on in the life of your business. 

With a chatbot, consumers can cut through the jumble on your site and find exactly what they want or need. It can ensure that there’s less stopping a user from making a critical purchase decision. 



You also need to make sure that you are setting up a blog on your site too. With a blog, you can provide the perfect platform for providing customers with more in-depth information including direct and indirect marketing. You should have a blog regardless of the type of site you are setting up. It’s a great way to fill your site with content and still keep it looking clean and tidy. This is also ideal for SEO purchases and Google always loves a good blog. Remember, you should be adding new content to your site about once a day. However, it can’t be random content. It needs to reach a high level of quality and offer value to your users. 


About Page 

It’s also important that you have an ‘About’ page on your business site. An ‘About’ page provides users with key information about not just what your business is but who you are. Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a business when they understand a little more about the person behind it. Indeed, your ‘About’ page should be highly personal and specific to you. It should talk about your goals and your ideals as a business owner and the direction you want to take your company in the future. With a strong ‘About’ page, you will see a high level of conversions. 


Search Bar 

Finally, you need to ensure that your website does have a search bar. Similar to a chatbot, a search bar provides users with a way to cut straight through your site directly to what they want. This could be a product page or a key piece of information about your business. However, a search bar will provide another benefit. It will allow you to find out exactly what customers are searching for when they visit your site. This can provide you with a way to fill holes in demand and ensure that your content is clearly targeted for people visiting your website. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key traits that should be part of your business website.