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4 Tips On How to Get More Customers to your Retail Store

When running a brick and mortar store, foot traffic is one of the crucial factors you need to consider for your business. High foot traffic means you can make more sales, which will lead to an increase in revenue. With e-commerce taking over the market, many physical stores are closing down as many people preferring to purchase items online.

But does the onset of e-commerce predict doom to the brick and mortar businesses? In reality, this is not the case. According to an infographic on, offline sales still dominate the market ten times more than online sales.


Even with its appeal, there are some things that online shopping cannot deliver. A good example is an in-store experience. While numerous people may prefer offline buying, it does not mean you will automatically get more business. If you want to attract a good crowd, there are some actions that you need to take on your business.

Simple Ways to Get People to Take Note of your Business and Beef up Your Retail Sales

  1. Learn what people think of your store

Before you make any notable changes to your store, you need to learn what people think about it. By looking at how passersby react to your store and asking your regular clients some questions, you can know the impressions that you leave on them.

You can as well create a questionnaire and give it to customers to fill out as they check out to learn what attracted them to your store. The data you receive will help you make an informative improvement to your store.

  1. Work on your storefront

Your storefront is the first point of contact between your potential customers and your business. It is the make-or-break factor that determines if a customer will get into your store or pass by without a hint. It is at your storefront where you present your best products and features.

You need to make sure that it is always clean and in good shape. Your window displays from act like your billboard. They should not be dull or poorly lit. Instead, they should tell a story using bold shapes and colors that catch customers by surprise.

You can as well use signage that reveals an alluring message visibly and grabs the attention of any passerby.

  1. Create a personality for your store

If you want to connect with your clients, you need to create a character for your store that relates to them. An excellent way to keep shoppers in your store for longer is by having a good layout. Your store should have the right color, lighting, and display to be inviting to your clients.

The lighting you use will affect the buyer’s mood, while a pleasant and subtle scent will make them want to stay for longer. You can as well play excellent music that reflects the personality of your store.

  1. Lure your customers to taking action

You can make your customers take action by creating offers and advertising them outside your premises. By rewarding new buyers with coupons and inviting them to your store, you will quickly turn them into repeat clients.

Are you Having Problems Getting More Customers into Your Store?

The above information provides you with everything you need to level up your store and attract a considerable number of customers. By first understanding who your shopper is, you can make the necessary changes to keep them flowing into your business.

Even when in the store, it should be easy for your shoppers to navigate and purchase the products they desire. You can follow this guide when starting a fashion business or any other type of business.