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5 Business Skills that Parenting has taught you

Parenting is a steep learning curve so sometimes it’s good to reflect on how useful all that learning is. Lets have a look at 5 business skills you’ve learnt from parenting.

Thinking on your feet.

When a problem arises in business we need to be able to find a solution fast. When a poonami arises out of a nappy (in particular at soft play, or worse, the swimming pool) the same applies. As a parent we solve problems on the fly everyday and that’s great preparation for running a business.


I know you curse all the times that you have to cook with a toddler hanging off your leg. The showers you take while entertaining a baby with peek a boo. It’s all great business training. When you run a small business you’re everything. The receptionist, the cleaner, the customer service team and everyone else needed to get your product or service to market. That takes a lot of multitasking.

Time management.

Nap times are short. Some people are lucky and get a glorious two hours from their kids, for others twenty minutes is a victory. Working out which tasks are priority for nap times and which can wait (until there are magically more hours in the day). Which can be done with the child awake (back to multitasking) and which can be delegated (to an unwilling spouse, a helpful relative or an eager older child) is a very useful skill.


It’s unlikely that you’ll ever meet a client who is as tougher negotiator as your two year old when they want chocolate and you’re offering an apple. Use the opportunity to hone your skills for when a client wants to negotiate on price.


Getting on with stuff.

There is no greater way to realise how fast time passes than to watch your children growing up. That, along with their amazing “live for the moment” attitude can help you to finally take the leap that you’ve been too scared of until now.

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8 business skills parenting has taught you