Mum holding baby while working on a laptop

6 Top Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums

A career shift, a new baby, or the need to take better care of your family; are some of the reasons why mothers would want to become ‘stay at home’ mums. However, whatever the reason is, being at home should not stop you from making some extra money. Don’t know what to do?  Here are five business ideas to consider as a stay at home mum.

  • Sell Private Label Products

Private label products are unbranded products the you buy in bulk to sell. They come “unlabelled” so you can add your own branding to them. It’s a great option if you have the skills for marketing and selling but not the resources to create your own products. Private label cbd skincare are a popular choice, as are clothes and accessories, hair care, and even supplements.

  • Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) job allows you to make some money in your free time, perhaps, while your kids are away at school or taking a nap. Virtual assistants offer administrative services, such as managing emails, social media, and calendars, booking hotel rooms, air tickets, and appointments, amongst others. Unlike nine to five jobs, not only do you get to get work comfortably from home as a VA, but you also get to work flexible hours.

Another great advantage to being a virtual assistant is that as the work is online based you could work in almost any industry anywhere in the world. If you come from a marketing background for example you could seek opportunities within marketing and look to be a VA in an Orlando marketing agency, from the comfort of your home. Further, it would be in keeping with your skillset, relevant and may even enhance your CV should you wish to return to an employed role in the future. Alternatively if you are looking to expand your reach, industry, and network then why not try an entirely new sector to see how you find it.

  • Start a transcription job

Transcribing audio and video files to text is another business idea to consider. Most of the transcription jobs available online do not require any experience – so anyone can join. As payment depends on the number of files transcribed, the transcriptionists have control over the number of files converted in a day or the month- whichever allows for flexibility.

  • Sell crafts

Are you a mum who can knit a blanket, make wigs, make cute hair accessories, or just like making things? Creating and selling your craftwork might be a business idea you would want to explore. Online services like Etsy and Amazon, provide a platform for you to sell your crafts. You can also sell your items from the comfort of your home or at the crafts market in your neighbourhood.

  • Daycare services

Creating a daycare center can help turn what would have otherwise been your daily chores into a good source of income. If you have a spacious backyard for children to move about, then this is an idea you should consider. Include activities like sensory play, outdoor gym equipment and active play. It is an essential part of children’s development as it develops their motor skills, keeps them healthy, builds social skills, and improves their senses. It doesn’t matter the size of your backyard; consult a School Playground Company to help you design a specific playground area that will fit your backyard, pocket as well as meet the particular age group needs. This may seem as if it’s an unnecessary expense, but it’s one fail-proof way to ensure that you stand out from the other daycare centres. Other busy mums would like to have a daycare within the neighborhood to take off some of their stress and to provide a safe place for their children while they are away.

  • After school pick up service

Just like the daycare idea, you can help other busy mums by running an “after school pick up” service. You could offer to pick up kids of working parents for a fee, either dropping them off at home or have them stay at your house till their parents close from work. Are you worried about being distracted by many excited kids in your car? Well don’t fret because ADAS Systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) like CarSafe, can help you keep both yourself and the kids safe. If you already use a vehicle with these systems installed, then you should have them frequently checked and tested to avoid any accidents.

So, if you want to be a work at home mum, these five flexible business ideas can help stay creative while making some extra money to support your family. This way you may be able to say goodbye to the stress of trying to build a career while carrying out the responsibility of taking care of your family.