Improve your small business

6 Ways to Improve your Small Business

There are so many of you working Mums out there stiving to run your own business and wanting it to succeed in every way, so you have something to pass down to your children. This means that you are always on the lookout for ways to improve the workplace and make it more efficient. This is not only, so the company will work better, but it is so that you can rest assured when you have that precious time off to spend with your little ones. 

Here are some ideas on how you improve your business: 


Improve productivity

Engage your staff more, and work together to streamline processes to improve productivity. In a small business, you are like a family and communication can go a long way. Be a leader they can respect. Ask them for ways to enhance the business. Ensure they are enveloped into the heart of the business. A little can go a long way.



Do you have a marketing strategy? With a small business getting online, a website, and social media outlets are the best way to advertise. You need to be able to create great content with glossy images which really show off the produces. Find out about your customers by viewing their profiles. Ensure you upload every day two to three pieces a day at crucial times, usually, wake up time, lunchtime, home time. A good marketing strategy will help generate leads and draw attention to your business.


Learn from your mistakes

It is natural for a person in business to make mistakes, so you need to use them as a learning curve. Every single time something goes wrong, improve the process. Turn the negative into a positive. If a customer has complained, keep their details and ensure they know the complaintcomplaint is being dealt with. Tell them what you have done to improve the business on the back of the feedback they offered. This will actually mean the customer has a better view of you and the company, Think positive, every complaint is a chance to shine.


Work from home

To save time, it may be an idea to work from home more often. With modern technology, you call to communicate with your staff like you are there, and with this technology you will be able to see what’s going on for safety too. Cutting out that commute time every so often can allow you a few extra hours to work on that important document, and can reduce distractions while the kids are at school.


Do not overload the business

The temptation is when growing your business to agree to everything. However, this is not a great business model as it means you may overload yourself and your employees and do mediocre work which will damage your business in the long run. Quality over quantity will be how you grow the business. You do not want a bad name in the local community. Give realistic timescales as honestly is the best policy and does not set up expectations.

Up Skill

Learning new skills can help you take your business to the next level. There are a huge number of both paid for and free courses you could consider. Just make sure they are relevant to your business.