8 inspiring reads for Mums in Business

As a former librarian I love reading, whenever I have a new idea the first thing I do is read about it so of course I have read lots of books on Mums in business, here’s a run down of my 8 favourites.

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Mumpreneur: The complete guide to starting and running a successful business image
Annabel Karmel

This is a good all round starter book for any Mums considering self employment from one of the country’s most famous Mumpreneurs. It has a useful chapter on developing your confidence as well as keeping the importance of work life balance in focus.


imageA Woman’s guide to working for herself
Sarah Hewett

This book has a section specifically about Mumpreneurs as well as a range of case studies to illustrate the advice it offers which make it a more interesting read. It also has some great advice on deciding if being self employed is right for you, something lots of people never really consider.


The Girl who Refused to quitimage
Cassie Farren

This is the story of one Mumprenenur’s journey, it highlights the fact that it isn’t always a straight road and the importent thing is to keep going. Cassie was involved in network marketing before finding her true calling helping people to achieve their potential.


imageStaying at Home with the kids
Nicola Semple

While this isn’t specifically about running a business it’s a great book for a mums who are trying to decide if they should go back to work or become self employed. It’s also great for anyone struggling with being at home with small children all day, it recognises that just because we love our children it doesn’t mean we find being at home with them all day easy.


Start your Dream Businessimage
Emma Wade and Carol Ann Rice

This book is a lovely combination of inspirational stories and down to earth advice, while the stories don’t focus solely on Mumprenenur’s there are some great stories to read. Lots of the businesses are quite big but it’s great to dream big!


imageThe Mumpreneur Guide
Antonio Chitty

Although this one is getting a bit old now it’s still a good introductory guide for Mums who are thinking about self employment for the first time. It includes a useful section on finding the right business idea.



imageWhat should I do with my life
Po Bronson

While this is about neither being a Mum or being self employed it is a great book on discovering the right path. Po spoke to hundreds of people who have achieved happiness about how they did it and why it made them happy. Brilliantly written and very easy to read.


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8 inspiring reads for mums in business