Sad mum

A Business that didn’t make it: Tots Tales

What was the business?

It was called Tots Tales: The baby & Toddler Book Club, I ran baby and toddler classes from 6 months to 4 years based around books. The general structure was a few songs, a story, an activity linked to the story (for example book about baking then pretending to make biscuits with playdough), a few nursery rhymes, some unstructured time to look at a themed selection of books (ie books that made sounds, rhyming books etc), another story followed by finding pictures around the room of things that were in the story, then a few goodbye songs with instruments.

How long did you run it?

Around a year from start to finish.

What do you think went wrong?

As a former librarian I am very knowledgeable about books but unfortunately don’t have a great natural rapport with children which is really important when you are trying to engage them. I also knew very little about social media when I started which made it difficult for me to fill my classes.

What did you learn from it?

Lots! I made loads of great contacts which i now use running baby and children’s nearly new sales, I realised that while I’m not great with children, I love new Mums, its an amazing, terrifying and sometimes miserable time in life, I lean’t the basics of bookkeeping, a huge amount about social media and most importantly, that failure isn’t the world ending event I imagined that it would be.

I now run Mum2mum Market Baby & Children’s Nearly new Sales and this website!