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A day in the life of a Mumpreneur in Photos

As well as running this website and blog, I am a Mum2mum Market franchisee, this involves running nearly new sales to bring together parents who want to sell the things they’ve finished using, with parents who want to buy. I thought it might be fun to give an insight in to what a sale day is like for me by using photos. Enjoy!


The day really starts the night before when I load up the car, usually with the help of my children!

There’s lots to go in, I set up a small play area so need foam mats and toys, my Mum runs our charity refreshment stall so we need the urn, tea, coffee, milk and most importantly, cakes! The refreshment money at this sale is being donated to The Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support Foundation.

The first job when I arrive is to get the banner and directional signs up to make sure that the sellers, and later the buyers, can find the venue.


The next prority is to get the hall ready for sellers as they are always keen to start setting up. The tables usually need a little jiggle round to make sure that aisles are wide enough for buggies, then I label all of the them according to the floor plan I create before the sale. In  his photo you can see my Mum

imageplacing masking tape on the floor to help sellers know exactly how much space they have.

As this venue is a secondary school the tables are 4ft wide so I offer small stalls which is one table or large stalls which are two tables together. Each stall has a space at the side for a rail or large item.

Once the sellers start to arrive the hall quickly fills up. Many of my sellers are regulars now and they just go ahead and find their table, I help newer sellers find their stall while I set up my entrance table and put clothes rails together.


Sellers have an hour to set up which is plenty of time for most people. At this sale I had two sellers who didn’t arrive so their tables were reallocated to nearby sellers to use, they are always grateful to have extra space.


By quarter to opening time there is a long queue of people waiting to shop, I go down the queue offering 2 for the price of 1 entry vouchers to buyers who haven’t printed them from the website, I see it as a thank you for arriving early and waiting!


I always try to open the doors on time as some people have waiting a really long time but I do sometimes get delayed as I have to make sure that the aisles are clear first.

imageThe first half an hour is always frantic, both for me at the entrance and sellers inside the hall. I greet each buyer and give the first 100 one of our goodie bags. At this sale we had 100 buyers through the door in just over 10 minutes. It’s hard work but fun, there is always a really good atmosphere with buyers excited to go bargain hunting!

After the first hour things slow down a bit for me and I am able to pop in to the main hall to take a few pictures for our social media (while standing on a chair!) and if I’m lucky my Mum on the tea stall will make me a cup of tea.

imageWe offer free entry in the last half an hour so at that point I’m able to go around and speak to the sellers and do a bit of shopping myself before they all start packing away.


It’s amazing how quickly the hall goes from packed with buyers, sellers and stuff to empty!

Once I’ve packed away all my bits,collected up my signs and said goodbye to the caretaker I’m off home for a cup of tea before an afternoon at the park with my children.p before its time to start marketing the next sale!

If anyone else would like to share a day in their Mumpreneur life in photos get in touch!

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