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AB Marketing Services – Running a Marketing Business around a Family


Tell us a bit about your family?

I am 1 of 5 from a small village called bradwell on sea. we as a family have suffered a lot of heartache over the years but its only served to bring us together and to appreciate loved ones more. It has made me stronger and to never take things for granted as tomorrow is never promised. I am 32 years old and a proud mum to elliott aged 10 and kaytie aged 8 and a half! My partner of 5 years also has 2 children of exactly the same ages. I am lucky to not only have the full support from all of my family but also the wonderful family of my partner.

What’s your business called?


Can you describe it in one sentence?

AB Marketing services prides itself on being able to offer low cost and affordable websites and marketing packages for new or small businesses to enable them grow online.

How did you fund your start up?

I managed to get my first few jobs in the door with no money, just me and my pc and the first few jobs then paid for me to start expanding and purchasing my Macbook, and stationery and even my own website to help run my business. I also still manage a part time job which also helps the funding!

How do you manage working around your children?

I don’t sleep!! haha! My children are my priority – I get up everyday, check emails, fire out messages and then I am a mum until school time! I take my kids to school and then have a day job to get to 3 days a week and work on my business only during the evenings once the children are in bed on these days. I then commit to all day tuesday thursdays and saturdays to my own business. I try to have sundays off with the children. It is difficult but you just manage! It won’t be forever, as I hope to reduce the day job one day. But I do appreciate my time with the kids more when I do get it. I have 2 kids and my partner has 2 kids, so weekends with 4 kids can be fun but also handwork but I wouldn’t have it any other way

What challenges have you faced in your business and how have you overcome them?

I face daily challenges – strong competition in a crowded market is my main problem! You will always find that one guy that will offer a website for £99 and undercut me! But i stick to my guns. I know I do a good job and give it my all! People get far more than just a website from me. I only work with people I feel comfortable representing and I put my heart and soul into every site. My children always comment on all the sites and they even get to know the customers, they become a part of me. I overcome challenges by being true to myself and sticking to my guns, if people like me and choose me then GREAT if not then thats their personal choice and I still wish them well with their venture.

What’s the best thing about being self employed?

That feeling of achievement I get overtime I hear the words THANK YOU! Every time I receive a nice review, but best of all every time I hear my children tell their friends how clever their mummy is.

What are your plans for the future?

To loose the day job and just be me! I would say I would like to employ someone but then I think i would find it hard to not be involved or full control – so maybe someone to do the accounts and filing! haha!

What advice would you give for someone just starting out?

DONT GIVE UP! Look in that mirror and remind yourself of why your doing it! Its far better to say I tried than I wish I tried…

Adele recently had her story printed in the local paper, you can read it below:

Im Adele, aged 32 years, and mummy to 2 gorgeous kiddies Elliott aged 10 and Kaytie aged 8 and a half years. I am an office manager/administration clerk for an insulation firm in south woodham ferrers part time.
I then set up my own new business AB MARKETING SERVICES in 2015 and currently manage to do both jobs.

It all randomly happened after I helped my partner with a bit of marketing and a few newsletters for his new business. We were out for dinner one day at a family event and I saw an advert whilst surfing online on my phone, for a diploma in Digital Marketing! Before I knew it I had signed up – with the intention of it helping me to help my partner with his new venture another local firm, DJC KIT CARS. I thought it would give me a better insight into things. My partner Dan also gave me the encouragement to give it a go!
For the last 15 years I have always worked within sales, marketing and administration roles and just thought this would further increase my knowledge etc… Once I started the diploma I soon realised that my passion stretched much further than just wanting to help my partner out. I really enjoyed this – I loved learning and pushing myself, I passed with distinction and 98% and soon began making plans of perhaps trying to make a business out of this. After a few recommendations and setting up a Facebook business page and my own professional website that was it…. I obtained my first few clients from word of mouth and the enquiries started to flood in.

I pitched myself at being able to offer affordable Website & marketing packages for fellow new businesses like myself. I love nothing more than helping people and seeing fellow businesses do well. I am lucky that I managed to get a fantastic graphic designer on board, Gary Thomas from Braintree, that assists me and helps me to be able to offer all the services that I do. Gary has been in the business much longer than I have and offers me a wealth of support and experience.

As Iwork from home this allows for minimal overheads and in turn ensuring the best possible rates for my customers. I already have an extensive client base and seem to be going from strength to strength. I pride myself on only taking on clients who I feel proud to represent. I take the time to talk with new clients and understand about them and their business. I ensure we are all happy to work together and that I feel happy to recommend them and their businesses to ensure the best service possible for the client and for me to perform my duties in an honest and fulfilled manner.
A lot of the companies I have had the pleasure in working with have been local self employed people like Aaron from A Clarke Carpets & Flooring in Mayland, and Nick from NCD Equipment in South woodham and my first e-commerce website lays with entrepreneur and new found friend thanks to our businesses John at Maldon Furniture at the causeway in heybridge. it gives me a real sense of pride working with local companies within our small communities.
My contacts do stretch further afield with having completed websites for companies such as a Hot Tub Rental company in Manchester and I’ve made a lovely friend in Gabi from Ludlow Food Hygiene Centre In Shropshire and more recently a new cleaning company from North London has seen me come to meet the loveable duo Vio & Rina. I have created websites for all kinds of companies, local Chimney Sweep, DJ, Builders, Construction firms, Window tinting company, Double glazing & Window repairs and even a Michael bible tribute act. All my clients have been unique and individual and carry some amazing stories. It has been very humbling.
My own mum from Southminster has stepped out into the entrepreneurial field and now has a budding eBay business in pre-loved wares. I have been lucky to be able to offer my marketing skills to help further her success.
There are far too many awesome clients to mention, and i can honestly say its been an absolute pleasure to work with them ALL. They have all given me far more than just money, they have given me their trust and faith and in most cases their friendship. I think the fact that I take the time to get to know all my clients and take a real interest in them and their business is what helps me to stand out. This is great as website & marketing services is a crowded field and theres strong competition, this is why I try to offer a little more. I don’t just want to create a website. I want to help people. This is far more than just a business to me. I LOVE this. I love meeting new people and have an absolutely wonderful customer base, all details of which can be found on a separate page on my website, so please be sure to check out these new companies too as no doubt we shall be seeing great things from these companies as they begin to grow over time.

Experience has taught me that digital marketing has seen massive growth in recent years and keeping up with new trends is key to success when embarking on new marketing strategies. Social media for example shows us how times are changing and how people connect and seek advice and the importance of being recognised in such a vast and competitive field. My aim is to help companies grow online. I work hard with new or small businesses to empower them to get noticed and i am committed to being low cost & affordable and tailor my packages to suit ALL budgets and individual needs. I try to offer as much free help and advice as i can and shall begin blogging from next month to help offer my clients that little bit extra.

It has been a very tough conquest to get here, I’m currently completing my second diploma in Social Media & Online Reputation Management. I have days where 2 kids, my chronic illness (crohns disease) a house to run, a day job AND my own business to run and the DIPLOMA with live evening lessons, assignments and exams all gets a bit much for me. But when I take a breath and see how far I have come and what I have achieved, or I think back to the little notes my kids write for me wishing me luck or when I hear them telling their friends how clever their mummy is I know I have made all the right choices. Most importantly I am achieving something for myself and getting paid to do something I love. I could not have got here with out all the love and support from my close friends and family (you all know who you are!) and the continued faith all my clients have in me.

so, If anyone would like to know more about me and AB Marketing Services and how i can help your local business with a new low cost website or marketing packages then please visit my website where there is also a list of other local firms I am happy to recommend.

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