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Affordable Ways To Reward Your Loyal Employees

Now, you might be questioning why you should reward your employees. After all, you are paying them a wage each month, so surely that’s enough? What more do they need?

Well, it’s probably a no-brainer to suggest that, to get the most from your employees, you should motivate them with some kind of a reward from time to time. You probably weren’t even questioning the concept at all. However, if you are keeping an eye on your budget, and you don’t have a lot to spend on trophies, spa days, cash bonuses and the like, then you might be questioning how you can afford to reward the people who work for you. Thankfully, we have some suggestions below.


#1: Buy your employees a gift

With Christmas coming up, and with staff birthdays to consider too, buying your employees the occasional gift should be something to consider. Of course, this can be expensive, especially when you’re buying for everybody. Thankfully, there are some very affordable places to shop, especially online, and you won’t have to skimp on quality either. You should click here for one example. And when buying, ensure you think of the person in question. It’s no good wasting money on something the person won’t appreciate, even if they tell you that they do. So, try to personalise your gift buying, as by taking time to think of your employees’ likes, this will be as much a reward to your employees as the gifts themselves.


#2: Make your employees something

 Of course, you don’t have to buy your employees anything at all. If you have a skill with crafts or if you have talents in the kitchen, you could create something for your employees yourself. A knitted scarf, a baked cake, a painting of your face to hang up in their living rooms? These are just a few examples, although you might want to think twice about the last one!


#3: Give your employees a hand-written card

This is something you might do at Christmas or for your staff birthdays, but you should make an effort to do this at other times of the year as well. So, if any of your team have worked especially hard, for example, you could thank them with a card to show your appreciation. You might also go one step further and include a bouquet of flowers or a gift token if you have the finances to do so. Of course, it will be the words that you write that will be the most rewarding aspect for your employees, so take the time to personalise what you say to truly convey your thanks. 


#4: Throw your employees a party

Now, if you had all the money in the world, you could host a party on a yacht, hire the world’s greatest chefs, and regale your employees with lashes of champagne. Assuming that you don’t have the riches to do this (invite us if you do), you can still throw your employees a party, even if it isn’t as extravagant as our previous suggestion. You might even hold it at your home instead of hiring a venue, as this honoured opportunity might be a reward in itself for your employees. And with Christmas coming up, now might be the time to start planning for something.

We hope these ideas were useful to you, but let us know. Please share your suggestions with us too.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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