Customer base

Are You Able To Properly Cater To Your Customer Base?

Catering towards your customer base is the name of the game in big business. If you’re trying to expand your own small company, or you’ve just established a home business of your own, you’re starting to learn how this works. You know you’ve got customers out there to please, and you’re acclimating to the nature of their shopping habits – where do you go next? 

Of course, in a dream world, you would naturally improve because of this. However, in reality, things are not so simple. You’ve got a lot more work to do, and a bit more stress on your plate, and you’re still not sure things will turn out OK! 

Which is why it’s time to delve a little deeper into properly catering for a customer base. It’s possible, and you can learn how! 


Provide Some Support

Support is something a company should always be able to offer, once someone has purchased something off of their website. And if you’re looking to properly cater towards your customer base, you’ll need to jump on the customer service bandwagon as soon as possible! 

But don’t let your input stop there. Make sure you craft an entire culture around your product and the ways it could be used. For example, post some video tutorials, especially if you’ve released an app or other type of software. You need to be able to show people how to use it, and provide a link straight back to you when they go looking for advice. 

If you run a blog of your own, be sure to dedicate an entire category of it towards the things you sell. Even if you only have merchandise, why not start posting pictures of your readers wearing the t-shirt you sell on a weekly basis? 


Be Sure to Ask Them!

You’re going to need to reach out to your customer base from time to time. You’re going to need to source their feedback, and ask for their opinions on the products you release and the services you offer. You’re going to need testimonials on your side, to point you in the right direction, and help you improve in the areas you fail. All in all, when you’re trying to sell something to someone, you cannot limit your interactions to just the sale alone. 

But how can you go about this? How can you be sure they’ll answer your need for opinions and advice? How can you be sure they’ll be truthful about it? Well, you could take to social media, and post something you know they’ll see. Or you could use a hint of anonymity, and a greater link of control, with something like a user research tool

Using an Instagram story, for example, would mean your post stays up for 24 hours at the top of their homepage. They’d also be able to interact, if you post a poll for them to answer – simple as!

Catering to a customer base can be hard, but not impossible! 

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