Best Home-Based Jobs for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be in 2021

Best Home-Based Jobs for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be in 2021

This trying year has forced us all to look at your lives whether professionally or socially differently. Since most of 2020, we were forced to stay at home; home took on a whole new meaning. Perhaps you made adjustments to your home’s layout needing to work for home, setting up an online learning space for your kids, and working out at home. In 2021, the trend to work from home will continue with the rollout of vaccines and returning to a more normal society and economy. If you are looking to continue working from home, there are some home-based jobs that are ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be in 2021. Read the suggestions below to see if they are a good fit for you and your family.


Freelance Writing and Blogging

If you are gifted with creative writing, perhaps freelance writing and/or blogging would be a great New Year career. However, it takes a while to get started. Freelance writers need to have a strong portfolio of previous work to showcase skills, types of writing expertise, and the like. Although you can pitch yourself to magazines and publications, there is more consistent writing work creating content for businesses. You can find various freelance writing work portals online. 

Blogging also requires being a great wordsmith; however, you also have to have some foundation before you even start writing. First, you must set up a website. Secondly, you need to populate that site with niche graphics and content. Thirdly, you need to create blog posts that are informative, educational, and to make money ads. These can be affiliate links, sponsored posts, or GoogleAds. 


Handmade Jewelry or Home Decor

If you are artsy and enjoy making crafty things with your hands, perhaps opening your own store on Etsy is perfect for you. Have you made earrings for yourself and received many compliments? Perhaps you made your own holiday ornaments for gifts this year AND they were a hit. 2021 is the year to set up your Etsy shop. Before you start, you may want to hear from other home-based mothers that have done the same. 


Virtual Assistant

As a mother, you are a natural logistical genius. You make sense of multiple schedules, appointments, play-dates, and more. Use those organizational skills to make money from your home in 2021. Although you may think that working from home means you won’t be travelling, you may be organizing meetings and sales calls for global clients. In this day and age, every business needs a professional telephone translation service. You may need to put together a telephone call between two business branches one in Brazil and the other in th Ukraine. Don’t waste your boss’ time with a bad translation.

Working from home allows you to reduce your commute time, be available for your family, and at times multi-task (ex. work while the crockpot is cooking dinner or while the washing machine is doing the laundry). If you are looking for a job that gives you that flexibility plus some money in your bank account, these three paths can do that for you. However, remember that you need a specific skill set for each. Whether you are gifted with words, the arts, or the mastery of a calendar and spreadsheets, there is a home-based job for you in 2021. The world’s your oyster. Happy job hunting!