Home Business Ideas for Mums

With childcare costs as high as they are working in the home is an appealing option for many mums. Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people promising unrealistically high earnings for home working jobs. To help you find an opportunity that really can earn you money from home we’ve put together 5 home business ideas for mums. These aren’t get rich quick ideas and all will take time to establish but, with hard work, can create an income.

Information products

Information products describes a range of products, usually online, that provide the purchaser with information they need. The products might be books, ebooks, courses or access to a library of resources via a subscription payment. The hard work is in creating the products or writing the book, once that’s done, the focus is on marketing them. This way you can continue to make money from them long after the initial hard work is finished.  If you’d like to go down the writing route, then you’ll need a publisher, there are some great publishing companies in Canada.


If there’s a product you’re passionate about then selling online could be for you. If you’re fairly good with a computer then there are plenty of packages that will help you to build an e-commerce site. You couldn’t also consider selling through another platform. eBay is a popular choice as is Amazon. If you’re selling something you’ve created yourself then Etsy can work well. Just bear in mind that all of these sites will charge you a fee for using them, usually a percentage of sales. If you plan to hold stock you’ll need some storage space, either at home or through a company. Alternatively you could look at drop shipping, where you take the orders and pass them on to another company to ship. Read about Mums who run e-commerce businesses.

Selling Private Label Products

Private label products allow you to buy a product and then add your own branding before selling it on at a profit. It can work well if you want to do something like start skincare business or a clothing business. Private label products can also be digital products like printables which eliminates the need to store stock.

Bespoke items

Bespoke items are one of the few things that small businesses can often do better than large ones. There are hundreds of items that can be personalised for buyers for example clothing, food items, gifts, stationery or furniture. Just be prepared to spend as much time Marketing the business as you do on the creative process. Check out our stories from mums who’s create bespoke items.


Of all our home business ideas for mums this one will probably take the longest to build in to a profitable business. However if you enjoy writing it may be one of the most fulfilling. Bloggers make there money from advertising on their blogs. In some cases they will be given a product as payment for reviewing it, in others they will be paid either to write a post about something or to publish a post written by someone else. They also sometimes sell display advertising on the blog and run affiliate programs like Google Adsense. Read blogger KatyKicker’s story for inspiration or check out this fab course on how to get started as a blogger.

Virtual assistant

If you have excellent admin skills then you could put them to use to creat an income. Many small business owners prefer to focus on the core elements of their business and outsource the admin to someone else. This creates opportunities for people whose forte is admin. You’ll need a decent laptop and good broadband speed to make it work. Networking skills to help you find your clients. To the stories from Mums who have become VAs have a look at our business to business stories.

Other home business ideas for mums

We’re tried to stick here to home business ideas for mums that are fairly accessible to everyone but if you have a particular skill set you may well be able to make use of it at home. You may be knowledgable about something that you could teach. You could either do it by inviting clients to your home or via the internet. If you’re a coach or counsellor you could offer your services via Skype. Perhaps you could do something you’ve done before but on a freelance basis. Whatever home business idea you choose to go for, make sure that you meet the legal requirements by getting insured and informing the council, landlord or mortgage company if necessary.

Want to start a business but not sure which one is right for you? Check out this review of “How to Become a Work From Home Mum” a book with over 50 work from home mum ideas.

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Home business ideas for mums

Tips For Transitioning From Mum To Working Mum

Being a stay-at-home is rewarding in itself but you may now have the urge to want to work and use your professional skills and talents. It’ll be a big change but it’s possible to do it with the right attitude and when you prepare in advance for the switch.

There are some tips for transitioning from mum to working mum that will help set you up for success in the long run. Start by acknowledging the fact that you want to have a job and make it work which will help keep you motivated to move forward in the right direction and take the next steps in the process.

Start Networking

It’s wise to start networking online and offline now if you know you want to have a career and not be a stay-at-home mum any longer. Get in touch with past coworkers, reach out to new contacts, and attend social and networking events to get yourself out there again. The more people you know and that know you want to start working again the better. Talk to other professionals to get an idea of what you might want to do or where you might want to work.


Consider Working for Yourself

Another tip for transitioning from mum to working mum is to consider what you’re already good at and might be able to turn into a business of your own. Think about working for yourself and being a business owner so you can have a more flexible schedule. Take the time to learn about what’s all involved from company numbers and registering your business to getting your finances organised and hiring employees. This way you have control over your work and schedule and can do what you love all while being a dedicated mum still.


Establish A Routine

Transitioning from mum to being a mumpreneur will disrupt your normal routine. It’s important that you establish a new routine right from the start and get comfortable with how your days will now play out. It may require you to get up earlier, work out after work, or prepare meals on the weekends that you can pull out during the week. Practise your new routine and prepare for it so that it doesn’t become too much of a disturbance and burden and you can smoothly make the switch when the time comes to begin working.


Ask for & Seek Help

Find your support system as soon as you know you’ll be working again. Don’t be afraid to ask for and seek help from others when you’re making this type of major life change. Let people know what you’re up to and what assistance you may want or require in the process of balancing your career and family. Talk to your spouse about household responsibilities and make sure you have a plan for where your kids will go and who will watch them when you’re not around. You may also want to reach out to other working mums to see what tips and advice they have for you so you have people you can turn to when you need additional support. 

Getting Foot Traffic Back In Your Store

Whether you’re just opening a brick-and-mortar store or you have had to close down due to the pandemic and are looking at getting people back in, it can be difficult to attract the attention that you need in order to make sales. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips that can help you up your foot traffic and make some sales.


Give it a real welcome

It’s not just your products that people are going to come to the store for. It’s the experience of being in the store that matters, as well. To that end, there are plenty of ways to make your store more welcoming. Keeping it clean is vital, but you can go beyond making it passable. You can enhance it, for instance, with in-store fragrance or add a little lighting to give it ambiance. A positive in-store experience is going to attract people and encourage them to return.


Make sure you grab attention

Of course, you’re going to have trouble welcoming people to your store if they don’t notice that it’s there in the first place. The single best way to make sure that your store gets attention is with the help of sign installation services. Colourful, well-lit, and bold signs can help your building stand out from the street, demanding the attention of those passing by. You should also look at signage that isn’t directly attracted to the building but can instead be placed on the street or by the road that can direct people towards your store if they’re likely to miss it otherwise.


Use your products wisely

Window shopping is as important a part of the experience as actually noticing or entering the store. Whether people like what they see can make all the difference in the world. You might not need to hire a visual merchandise team to make the most out of your stock, either. You can follow a few product display tips to make sure that you’re putting your most aesthetically appealing and tempting products in the window while giving pride of place inside to those items that are most likely to generate curiosity and sales. There’s a science to how you place products that you should think about carefully.


Connect to the digital experience

If, like a lot of businesses, you have a digital component to your store, then it can pay to connect the digital to the physical. For instance, if you have your customers sign up to your store with their mobile devices to alert them to deals or complete their orders, then you could use location data to ping them when they are near your store. You can also use the omnichannel to have people come in and pick up items from your store that they order online, then offer them exclusive deals when they land in the store.


This is a challenging time for brick-and-mortar stores, there’s no denying that. However, are you doing everything you could to improve your foot traffic or are there steps above that you have yet to try?

How To Source The Funds Needed To Start Your Own Business

When you take the plunge and decide to start your own business, it’s fair to say that there are many important steps that you need to take to ensure your project can run as smoothly as possible. One of the most essential priorities that you must not skip over involves sourcing the funds that you need to open your own business, as without any money you simply won’t be able to turn your dreams into a reality. Fortunately, figuring out how you can source the funding that you need for your new business doesn’t actually have to be as difficult as you might imagine, as this guide contains some of the most effective ideas that you can utilise today! So, if you’re ready to start your own business and would like to learn more about accessing the best funding options, then simply read on to discover more. 


Use Your Savings 

The most low risk option of all is to use your savings, as your savings are just that – yours. When you can take the time to save up a couple of hundred pounds each month, you’ll soon have enough money to afford the materials and equipment that you need to start your new business so that you can then begin to generate an income. Of course not everyone has the disposable income to save money at the end of each month, so this may not be an option that you are able to consider. However, saving as little as £20 per month can really add up over time, helping you to afford something essential that you need to start your business such as a good laptop or a high speed internet connection. Using your savings is the best option to explore when it comes to funding a new business idea, as you won’t have the responsibility of paying anyone back looming over you as you spend the cash on the equipment or materials that you desperately need. Just make sure that you leave enough cash in your savings for emergencies, as you never know what might happen in your day to day life outside of your new business. 


Explore Crowdfunding 

Another low risk idea that you might be able to utilise is crowdfunding. During crowdfunding, you can essentially create a kind of pitch or description of your new business and what you intend to do with it, and then use this convincing information to try and encourage people to donate their cash to you so that you can turn your business plans into a real, functioning company. Crowdfunding works best for totally unique businesses that have never been seen or heard of before, as they can spark a reader’s interest and encourage them to donate simply due to curiosity and intrigue. On the other hand, businesses whose aim is to help or offer support in some way, whether this is for people, animals or the planet, can always do a great job in attracting lots of donations too. You can pull at people’s heart strings and focus on the good that you are planning to do so that you can convince people to support you in your quests, or even appeal to their inquisitive nature by presenting your new age idea with its unique features taking center stage. Creating a good crowdfunding campaign is likely the most important aspect of this type of funding, so be sure that your campaign is well written and convincing if you want to stand a chance of accessing the cash that you so desperately need! 


Find A Sponsor 

Finding a sponsor might be the perfect option for you to consider, as it can come with a whole host of benefits that other funding options just don’t offer. It has to be said that a large percentage of people who choose to sponsor other businesses are entrepreneurs themselves, and they are simply looking for talent that they believe have the skills to turn a small amount of cash into a profitable business. Every entrepreneur knows the struggle of finding funding, so when they have the cash to spare, they are often more than willing to hand it out so that other motivated and dedicated new business owners can have a shot of achieving success. When you find a sponsor you can expect to receive the cash that you need, along with lots of advice and support that may end up being far more valuable. Having a skilled and experienced sponsor can be so beneficial when you’re building a new business and need a sense of direction, as they can help to guide you down the right path towards total success and long term profit. When you get a sponsor they will likely offer you help in return for something such as a percentage of your profits or even a certain number of shares, which in reality is a tiny price to pay for the help that you can expect to receive from them. You can also maintain the option of buying them out in the future when you start to earn good money, so it’s a good option to explore to find the funds for your new business. 


Get A Loan 

A loan is likely one of the most risky options that you can explore simply due to the fact that you will have monthly repayments to make, but if you have the cash available to afford these repayments then it’s certainly a feasible option for those who cannot access the ideas detailed previously. Getting a loan for a new business is actually far more common than you might expect, as lots of people have brilliant business ideas but do not have anywhere to access the funds that they need from a trusted source in a short space of time. A lender can be anyone from an official bank to a private lending facility, but every lender is regulated by a dedicated standards agency to ensure that interest rates aren’t too high to handle. The interest rate of a bank loan will be a lot lower than the interest rates of a private lender, however it can be more difficult to get a bank loan (especially if you do not have an outstanding credit score). Direct lender loans can be easier to access no matter what your financial history, and you can expect to have the money in your bank account in a matter of hours after you have sent off a successful application. Just make sure that you will be able to generate enough funds to pay off your loan on a month by month basis, as missing several loan repayments can have catastrophic consequences for your money situation and may even leave you bankrupt and unable to open a business in the future in the worst possible scenario. Look for low interest rates to keep your monthly repayments down to a minimum, and choose a long term loan that offers smaller payments over an extended time frame rather than a limited number of large bulk payments. 

Figuring out how to source the funds that you need for your new business has never been such a simple task when you can take the time to utilise some of the excellent ideas and recommendations that have been carefully described in this guide! You could no doubt be making a respectable fortune in a matter of months if you are able to secure the funding that you need now, so what are you waiting for? 

Online Advertising Tips to Help You Reach More Customers

Are you looking for ways to reach more customers? If so, online advertising may be the answer. Online advertising is a great way to target potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer. This blog post will discuss tips for effective online advertising.

Use keyword-rich ad copy.

Your ad copy should contain relevant keywords that potential customers are likely to search for. This will help ensure that your ad appears in front of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

In addition to using relevant keywords, your ad copy should also be clear and concise. Potential customers should be able to understand what you are offering without having to read through a long and complicated advertisement.

Ads that are both keyword-rich and easy to understand will be more likely to result in clicks and conversions.


Target your audience.

It is essential to target your online advertising to the right audience. You can do this by targeting specific demographics, interests, and even locations.

For example, if you are a video production Agency, you may want to target businesses in the Los Angeles area. Or, if you are selling products that appeal to a certain age group or gender, you can also use those as targeting criteria.

The more targeted your advertising is, the more likely it is to reach people interested in what you offer. However, if you’re unsure how to target your ads, plenty of resources and tutorials are available online. Google AdWords even has a guide specifically for ad targeting.


Use attractive visuals.

People are visual creatures, so it’s no surprise that ads with attractive visuals are more likely to be noticed and clicked on. If you can, use images or video in your ad. These types of ads tend to perform better than those without visuals.

In addition to using visuals in your ad, you should also make sure that your ad is well-designed and easy on the eyes. A cluttered or ugly ad is less likely to be clicked on, no matter how relevant it may be.

If you’re not a designer, plenty of tools can help you create beautiful ads, even if you don’t have any design experience. Canva is an excellent option for creating visuals for your ads.

Once you have created your ad, make sure to test it out on different devices. This will help you ensure that it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Ads that look good and are easy to read are more likely to be clicked on and result in conversions.


Offer something of value.

Your ad should offer something of value to potential customers. This could be a discount, a free trial, or even just valuable information.

If you’re not sure what kind of offer would appeal to your target audience, you can always test out different offers to see which one performs the best. A/B testing is a great way to do this.

Remember that people are more likely to click on an ad if they feel like they are getting something in return. Conversely, an ad that offers nothing of value is less likely to result in clicks and conversions.

These are just a few tips for creating effective online advertising. Following these tips can reach more potential customers and grow your business. 


6 Tips To Follow As A Business Mom

Starting a business may be thrilling and scary for moms.

Here are some guidelines for navigating company ownership and family life.


Analyze Carefully

Starting a thriving company requires researching your market and ensuring your product or service is in demand.

But don’t spend too long researching. Some people wait for the “ideal” time to start their business, thinking they need to know everything and be prepared for challenges. Sample business plans in your industry might assist you in understanding what to include. But to get you started you should include things like budgets, legal advice, and sales predictions. 

Waiting for the proper time to start a business is like starting a family. Once you determine what you want to provide, to whom, and how, follow Nike’s advice and “just do it!”


Know Your Boundaries And Get Help

Trying to do everything oneself is seductive. You may have a vision for how things should turn out. A successful business is rarely a single effort. You’ll need accountants, lawyers, mentors, a spouse, relatives, and friends. Surrounding oneself with encouraging people can help your business. If you’ve never established a business, check out SCORE’s free business mentorship program.

Also, consider outsourcing chores. Could a housekeeper or cleaning service free up time for family and work? How about employing a landscaping business to handle yard maintenance or a mother’s helper as an extra set of hands? Would a virtual assistant help your business so you can focus on the vital parts?


Schedule Family Time

If you let it, a business can dominate your entire day. While it’s expected that you’ll invest a lot of time and sweat into launching a business, make time for family.

If you assume you’ll find time, you’ll find it’s not that easy. Family time is crucial, so arrange it. Some moms take two hours off every evening, others a half-day once a week. Make your family’s needs a priority.


Plan Around Your Hectic Times

As a busy mom, you have a routine. Sometimes it’s for being a mom and other times for work. Especially if you work from home, fitting work into nap time might help you get things done while still being a present mom. Make sure you make a schedule. If you try to please everyone, you may burn out soon.


Avoid Distractions

To reduce distractions, put down your phone. Our smartphones creep into every part of life, whether with kids or at work. During the time with your kids, be truly present.

Turn off social media app notifications and schedule times to check-in. Social media is crucial to any developing business, so you still need access to it. However, there are various methods to control it so it doesn’t distract you when you’re working.


Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep is one of the hardest self-care activities for moms to employ. Try to get enough sleep each night, and if you can’t, take a nap. It may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get enough sleep, but you’ll be more productive if you do.

Juggling a family and a new business is tough, but the rewards can be great. You may feel like you’re constantly juggling tasks and chores, but you’ll have a business to be proud of.

Once your business is up and running, you’ll have more family and business flexibility. Having a flexible mindset and being ready to adapt your plans can help you in both your profession and as a mother.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Business’ Reputation

If your business has recently come into some hot water with your audience, it can be quite difficult to recover from it. You need to regain your reputation if you’re going to survive on the market, but it’s not as simple as just fixing it overnight. You need to take action as soon as possible, or else you’re going to risk being branded forever as a bad business.

We all make mistakes, and you might have made a poor decision with your pricing and payments – it’s an easy oversight when you have a lot on your plate. However, your audience might not see it that way, and you don’t want that mark to stick around, so it’s time to put in the work.



The first thing you can do is make an effort to rebrand your business. Try to show your customers that things are different now and that you’re making an effort to provide better products and services. A new logo and theme can be a good step in this direction, as well as a change in quality and service.


Be more transparent

A great way to improve your business’ reputation, no matter whether you’re in hot water or not would be to be more transparent with your audience. It helps to let your customers know what’s going on, as well as tell them what your company believes in and supports. Without that, you run the risk of being disregarded by your customers. Communication is important if you’re going to show your customers that you’re going to do better in the future.


Outsource certain processes

As the owner of the business, you should know that trying to handle everything that your business puts out is impossible. You shouldn’t try to take on every task, and instead, you should consider outsourcing to other businesses where it counts. For example. These professional digital printing services can be of great use, and you save yourself the trouble and expenses of doing it yourself. Quality is important when it comes to branding, and you should leave it up to those who have great experience in the matter.


Encourage customer feedback

A great way to change up your business is to listen to your audience and find out exactly what it is that they want. Encourage customer feedback and take your information from the results of it after some time. With this, you can get a good idea of what your general consumer base wants to see from you, and you can make some effective changes without the risk. Customer feedback is very valuable information that you should never pass up.


Put more effort in

The quality of your products should always be one of your main focuses, and your customers will notice when you drop the quality. Saving money isn’t worth disappointing your customers and ruining your reputation, so be sure that everything you sell can satisfy your customers, and won’t make them wish they had shopped elsewhere.

5 Tedious Office Tasks Worth Outsourcing

Some office tasks can be dull and time-consuming, but necessary. By outsourcing these tasks you can make sure that they’re taken care of while freeing up time and energy to focus on more exciting and rewarding tasks. Below are a few examples of the tedious office tasks that you can outsource.


Keeping a record of all your earnings and expenses is essential for when you have to pay tax returns. However, it can be time-consuming work for many businesses. Rather than doing all your bookkeeping in house, you could find it more useful to outsource an accountant. Even simply hiring an accountant to handle your tax return can save time, as well as ensuring that it is done accurately and in an organised manner.

Cleaning your office

It’s important to keep your office clean so that it is presentable and hygienic. Of course, cleaning can be tedious work and it can be difficult to find the time to do it regularly on top of other office tasks. Outsourcing a cleaning company to do your office cleaning can liberate you of this task. Some offices hire cleaners on a weekly or even daily basis, while others may simply hire cleaners to carry out deep cleans every so often. 


Answering the phone

Many businesses get a lot of incoming calls. Phone calls can be a nuisance because, although they can often be important, they can often end up interrupting other tasks. Having to constantly postpone tasks to answer the phone can negatively affect productivity, which is why it can often be valuable to outsource answering the phone. There are virtual receptionists who can take over this task, reporting any important information to you afterwards via email and passing on only the most urgent phone calls, so that you’re not constantly dropping tasks to answer the phone.


DIGITISING paper documents

More companies are starting to go paperless in order to save space, improve organisation and save money on printing. For companies with large amounts of old paper records, this often means scanning all of these paper documents in order to make digital copies. This can be a long-winded task. Fortunately, there are bulk scanning companies out there that can do all of this scanning work for you. Outsourcing one of these companies could reduce time spent having to scan documents yourself so that you can more easily transition to a paperless office.

Writing legal contracts

While there are many copywriting tasks that you can do yourself, legal writing is one that is almost always better left to professionals. Wording is very important when creating contracts and terms and conditions – use the wrong wording and your contract could be misconstrued and used against you in a court battle. Outsourcing legal writers can ensure that your contracts are as legally tight as they can be. 


How to Keep Your Employees Safe at Work

As a business owner, there are many responsibilities you need to take care of and lots of tasks to fit into your day. But, one area of your role that should always be a top priority is ensuring your business is a safe place to work. Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees are injured in the workplace, so making sure your team does not end up included in these statistics is vital. 

Injuries at work can have a severe impact on everyone involved. Your team member is likely to feel shaken and upset, and their injury will likely impact their home and work life. Having an accident at your business can affect your company financially, as you may need to go through a stressful court case and pay compensation to your worker if your company is found negligent. To avoid this situation, it is vital to follow the latest health and safety legislation and to take any further precautions that may be needed to keep your employees safe at work. Here are some of the ways you can create a safe workplace for your staff and minimise the chances of injuries and incidents occurring:


Host Regular Training Sessions

Training your staff on keeping themselves and others safe in the workplace is vital. Many accidents and injuries occur as a result of human error and are often preventable. So, providing your team with training before they are allowed to use equipment, as well as hosting regular training on subjects such as fire safety, manual handling, and trip hazards, is beneficial. Offering refresher training every so often is also essential to ensure complacency does not set in and safety remains a priority.


Keep Up With Equipment Maintenance

Whether you run a factory with heavy machinery or you have an office full of computers, ensuring the equipment you provide is safe to use is vital. Equipment can be a leading cause of accidents in the workplace and can result in some severe injuries. Carrying out regular inspections of your equipment is essential to spot the signs of potential problems early, crucially before anyone becomes injured. Scheduling servicing and maintenance of the equipment is another excellent way to ensure everything is working correctly and safely. Don’t forget that your business equipment will also need to be tagged and tested on a regular basis to check it is safe to use. Hiring commercial electricians that are experienced in test tagging is vital to ensure the process is completed thoroughly and to the highest standard.


Create a Safety-Focused Workplace Culture

Keeping everyone safe at work is a responsibility that needs to be led by you but shared by everyone else. All employees within your organisation need to be aware of how to keep themselves and each other safe while performing their jobs. Developing a culture of safety in your workplace will ensure that everyone takes responsibility and understands they have a role to play in keeping themselves and their colleagues safe.


Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Retail Store Look More Welcoming

Are you planning on opening a retail store in the near future? If so, then store design is probably something that is currently in your home. Whether you’re relatively new to the world of retail or have years of experience under your belt, you probably know that the look, feel, and even the smell of your store can help attract more customers.

But how exactly do you make your retail store look a lot more welcoming? What are some of the things that you should do in order to create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your customers? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Hire a cleaner for the inside and outside

Hiring a cleaner is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to give your home a nice facelift. This is especially important for stores that are located in busy urban environments because it’s very common for the outsides of your store to be affected by pollution such as smog. This can ruin the appearance of your store and may make the outside look like a run-down and abandoned building. So in order to overcome this, we highly suggest that you hire a cleaner for the inside and outside of your business on a regular basis.


Inexpensive decor can improve your store’s appearance

There are a number of inexpensive things that you can buy in order to drastically improve the appearance of your store. For example, brick slips are a cheap and fantastic way to give the exterior of your store a natural brick-like look. It can even be used indoors if you like. Since these are just attached to your walls, they don’t cause any damage and are great for general use in your store.


Add more lighting around your store

While some stores prefer dimmer lighting, one of the easiest ways to give your store a modern appearance is to add a lot more lights. Lights are a fantastic way to illuminate your store, making it easier for customers to browse products. However, it also attracts people from the outdoors because they have a clearer view of what’s inside, and it makes your business look a lot nicer overall. Lights can be anything from ceiling lights to spotlights or even flood lights depending on the type of business that you run.


Have a good window display

Most retail stores have windows and these need to be fitted with products and messages to help attract more people. This usually doesn’t cost much because you can use products that you offer in your store. You can add custom posters, signs, and even lights to make it a lot more appealing. We highly recommend that you look for a designer to help you with lighting and text elements so you get them right the first time. After all, nobody wants to see a poorly-designed window display. If you don’t have enough space for a window display, then rearranging store furniture to give people outside a good look at your store is a good alternative.

Transform Your Office Space With These Productive Tips

Office spaces can generally be quite hard to design, especially if you need to do so from scratch. A lot of people overlook the importance of things such as office layouts and decor when it comes to productivity, but we’re going to list a few tips that can help you transform your office space and make it a place where work is done quickly and efficiently.


Clearly define work areas and social areas

While many people enjoy the idea of open-plan offices, the reality is that it’s not very productive when people need to sit down and actually focus on their work. For instance, if your team is in constant view of each other, then it adds distractions that will encourage them to avoid their work. They might start conversing with others, they might stare off into something and forget about work, or they might even get nothing done because they’re constantly interacting with their colleagues.

While it might sound questionable to some, the perfect office space for most businesses isn’t an open plan one. It’s something that mixes open spaces with dedicated work areas so that people can actually get work done without being distracted. It usually involves anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of intense work, followed by breaks where employees can relax with their colleagues.

This is why clearly defining social areas and work areas can be helpful. It helps employees separate their social time and it motivates them to get work done when it’s performed in short but concentrated bursts.

Unfortunately, doing something like this will require a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. At least, if you do it on your own. The better option is to look for an office refurbishment service by GDL Interiors or another local contractor that specializes in office designs. These experts know a lot about how to maximise your office space and design it with productivity in mind.


Use decor to your advantage

Office decor has a number of great uses, but a lot of people underestimate just how effective it can be for transforming your office space for productivity purposes. Decor helps with productivity because it helps to keep distractions away when used correctly. Lots of colours, text and other distractions can quickly make things frustrating for people who are trying to focus on their work. There are also certain colours and designs that might be more distracting than others.

This is why it’s important to use colour psychology to your advantage. Make use of soothing colours to transform your spaces into a tranquil and relaxing place, or have motivational messages on your walls to help your employees stay positive during difficult work situations. Decor can also create more soothing images for your workers to look at when they feel stressed, making them more productive and less likely to feel burned out or overworked.

There are lots of ways that you can use decor to create a more productive office environment, but you need a bit of knowledge about design and colour in order to make the best use of it.