Home Business Ideas for Mums

With childcare costs as high as they are working in the home is an appealing option for many mums. Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people promising unrealistically high earnings for home working jobs. To help you find an opportunity that really can earn you money from home we’ve put together 5 home business ideas for mums. These aren’t get rich quick ideas and all will take time to establish but, with hard work, can create an income.


If there’s a product you’re passionate about then selling online could be for you. If you’re fairly good with a computer then there are plenty of packages that will help you to build an e-commerce site. You couldn’t also consider selling through another platform. eBay is a popular choice as is Amazon. If you’re selling something you’ve created yourself then Etsy can work well. Just bear in mind that all of these sites will charge you a fee for using them, usually a percentage of sales. If you plan to hold stock you’ll need some storage space, either at home or through a company. Alternatively you could look at drop shipping, where you take the orders and pass them on to another company to ship. Read about Mums who run e-commerce businesses.

Bespoke items

Bespoke items are one of the few things that small businesses can often do better than large ones. There are hundreds of items that can be personalised for buyers for example clothing, food items, gifts, stationery or furniture. Just be prepared to spend as much time Marketing the business as you do on the creative process. Check out our stories from mums who’s create bespoke items.


Of all our home business ideas for mums this one will probably take the longest to build in to a profitable business. However if you enjoy writing it may be one of the most fulfilling. Bloggers make there money from advertising on their blogs. In some cases they will be given a product as payment for reviewing it, in others they will be paid either to write a post about something or to publish a post written by someone else. They also sometimes sell display advertising on the blog and run affiliate programs like Google Adsense. Read blogger KatyKicker’s story for inspiration or check out this fab course on how to get started as a blogger.

Information products

Information products describes a range of products, usually online, that provide the purchaser with information they need. The products might be ebooks, courses or access to a library of resources via a subscription payment. The hard work is in creating the products, once that’s done, the focus is on marketing them. This way you can continue to make money from them long after the initial hard work is finished.  Have a look at our information product stories to find out more.

Virtual assistant

If you have excellent admin skills then you could put them to use to creat an income. Many small business owners prefer to focus on the core elements of their business and outsource the admin to someone else. This creates opportunities for people whose forte is admin. You’ll need a decent laptop and good broadband speed to make it work. Networking skills to help you find your clients. To the stories from Mums who have become VAs have a look at our business to business stories.

Other home business ideas for mums

We’re tried to stick here to home business ideas for mums that are fairly accessible to everyone but if you have a particular skill set you may well be able to make use of it at home. You may be knowledgable about something that you could teach. You could either do it by inviting clients to your home or via the internet. If you’re a coach or counsellor you could offer your services via Skype. Perhaps you could do something you’ve done before but on a freelance basis. Whatever home business idea you choose to go for, make sure that you meet the legal requirements by getting insured and informing the council, landlord or mortgage company if necessary.

Want to start a business but not sure which one is right for you? Check out this review of “How to Become a Work From Home Mum” a book with over 50 work from home mum ideas.

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Home business ideas for mums

How To Find The Perfect Office Space For Your Business


Many would imagine that working from home is a dream come true; it’s convenient, inexpensive, and in a lot of cases, it can improve the work-life balance. However, it’s not for everyone, and not all businesses will benefit from this way of working. If you have recently started to launch a business or you’re about to, or you have been working from home but now realise that it would be better to have a dedicated office, how can you find the ideal space to work from? Here are some ideas. 


Decide What You Need 

Offices come in all shapes and sizes – literally – and there are lots of different options. Many people like the flexibility of being able to lease offices that they can use as and when they want to, for example, on a flexible basis. In contrast, others would prefer to rent one permanently. Or perhaps you want to get a bigger offer than you actually need right now because you intend to grow the business and hire more people. 

There is a lot to think about, and this is why you need to think carefully about what you need from an office – what is it you’re looking for? When you have listed out the must-haves, you’ll be able to choose a suitable space for your business. 


Work Out Your Budget 

You know what you need, but what can you afford, and do your needs and budget match up? It’s easy to find a lovely looking office that feels just right and ticks all the boxes, but if you can’t afford it, you’ll either be disappointed and have to start your search again, or – worse – you’ll sign a contract and then realise that your finances won’t cover it. At that stage, it might be impossible to do anything but try to scrape the money together each month, and this will clearly damage your business. 

Work out your budget so that you know exactly how much you can comfortably spend on your office space. This will make the search more fruitful and ensure that your business thrives instead of dies. 


Find The Right Location 

Location is much more important than you might think when you’re choosing the perfect office space for your business. Of course, if you rely on footfall and customers actually coming to your shop or place of work, then having a location in the same place as your potential customers are is crucial. However, what you might not think about is that location is still important even if you’re not customer-facing. 

The location of your office needs to be somewhere that is easy to get to, otherwise you’ll start to dread your journey to and from work each day, and you might even find that, when you hire people, they are put off because of where their place of work would be or the lack of nearby parking or public transport options. You could miss out on some excellent candidates because of this seemingly insignificant detail. 


Why Two-Way Radios Are A Great Solution For Any Business

When people talk about investing in technology for your business, they usually mean buying the most up to date software or kitting your office out with brand new computers. They’re probably not talking about two-way radios, but they should be. 

We live in a world that is more connected than ever and there are so many modern tools to keep in touch and improve communication in your business, so old-fashioned options like radios often get overlooked. However, there are actually a lot of benefits of using two-way radios in your business. Here’s why you should consider them. 


They Provide Instant Communication

Everybody knows how to use a radio because it’s so simple; just press the button and talk. This makes instant communication so much easier, which is vital for a lot of businesses. If you are running a busy shop and an employee needs to call the back room and check stock, for example, radios are perfect. They’re also useful in any large office where people need to communicate with others around the building. Even though things like instant chat are useful, radios can be carried around easily, so everybody can instantly communicate wherever they are. 

They’re also easier to use than a smartphone because you don’t have to scroll through menus to find contacts and then type out messages. You can simply switch to the right channel and start talking. 


They’re Affordable

Some of the modern communication tools come with all the bells and whistles, but that is reflected in the bill. A salesperson will try to dazzle you with all of these features and you’ll be left with a huge monthly cost at the end of it. But radios do everything you need them to do and they’re far more affordable. There are some great companies like Cyber Communications, INC who can set you up with a full radio package and get you some excellent discounts. Modern two-way radio systems come with plenty of modern features too, so you still get the same functionality that you get with other communications solutions, but you don’t get the big price tag.  


They’re More Secure

Online security is a big concern for all businesses these days. They need to think carefully about how they store data and how information is passed between employees. When emails about business issues are flying back and forth, you have a huge amount of sensitive data sitting in email accounts. If somebody hacks those emails, you’re in big trouble. Naturally, you can’t avoid sending documents etc but radios are a far more secure way for people in your business to communicate internally. The less sensitive information that is stored on computers or in the cloud, the better. There are still some risks there, but if you use a private channel, you are much safer than you would be if you were on a live chat system. 

People tend to think of radios as being old-fashioned, but they’re actually a great communications solution for any business. 


Tips for Sanitizing Your Home Office

Since the pandemic, people are now more conscious than ever about keeping areas sanitized. If you are currently working from home and have created a home office for yourself, you may be concerned about how you can keep everything clean even if you are the only person that uses the office.

There are some simple sanitization measures that you can put in place that will help you make your home office clean and safe. 


Keep Your Phone Clean

You will undoubtedly be using your phone to do business and because you have to touch it constantly while in your home office it can become contaminated quite easily. The same can be said for your traditional desk phones.

The key thing to remember when cleaning phones is that you do not want water to get into the ports or nooks on the phone. It is best to use cleaning wipes to decontaminate the phone. Never spray chemicals directly on a smartphone or a desk phone.


Keep Your Keyboard Clean

If you work at your computer constantly chances are that your keyboard is one of the most contaminated things in the room. You cannot apply liquid to clean it, so the best thing to do is to start cleaning crumbs from hard-to-reach areas.

You can do this by using a cotton swab or buy a cleaner that is specifically designed to blow out dust from your keyboard. After that, you can wipe it off with some cleaning wipes.


Clean Up Your Cables

If you are frequently charging devices such as your laptop, your phone, or your tablet then your charging cables may be contaminated. You can use cleaning wipes to remove germs. Another alternative is to put some sanitizer from your hand sanitizer holder on a cotton ball and begin cleaning your cables.

Be sure to stay away from the connector ends of these cables, just clean the parts that you touch on a regular basis. This almost always includes the length of the chord. 


Sanitize Accessories

Some of the most contaminated accessories in your home office are your mouse pad, your USB thumb drive, and your computer mouse itself. Make sure that you unplug all of these devices before you attempt to clean them.

Using liquid is out of the question, so use sanitary wipes to clean these. If your sanitary wipes are on the wetter side then try to squeeze out some of the moisture before you attempt to clean these sensitive accessories.


Clean Up

The items discussed in this article are probably items that you use every single day. While there are usually more obvious areas that you should clean, such as the floor and your desk, cleaning the items listed here may sometimes slip your mind.

It is important to remember that the more you sanitize your hand, the cleaner the items mentioned here will be. This is why it is important to organize your home office so that you either have a hand sanitizing station or sanitizer close by at all times. 


Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Growing a small business isn’t easy, especially when you’re a busy mum. Being able to make the most of the tools that are available to you could save you time and money, and help your business to expand to a wider audience. 

Even if you have no background in marketing, it is possible to pull off an effective promotional strategy for your business. Explore some of the things you can do to promote your business.


Develop a social media strategy

The right social media strategy can ensure some great results for your business. Your social media accounts are platforms that can promote your business for free and help you develop a loyal following.

Consistency is key for social media success, so make sure you have a plan in place for regular posting to deliver the best results. If you don’t have much time to dedicate to social media, you should consider outsourcing the work to keep your channels active. 


Join networks within your community

Even before the pandemic, small businesses could find support from other local businesses to spread the word. A search for small business networks within your community could give you a platform to share information, as well as show support for other businesses in return.

Partnering with other local businesses can seem daunting at first, but putting yourself out there and getting to know other small businesses in your community could prove to be a successful strategy for your business.


Use promotional products to make an impression

Promotional products can be a great way to drive some interest in your business. They make great conversation starters, and because they’re branded with your logo and contact information, they can help people remember your business when they need it. There is some cheap promotional merchandise out there to help you keep your costs low, while still getting some great products. Set aside a small budget for some promotional products to help you spread the word about your business.


Take advantage of free promotional methods

As a new business owner, it’s likely your marketing budget is small, if not non-existent. But that’s ok, as there are a lot of effective marketing methods that are free and easy to execute! Explore ideas that can help you promote your business for free, giving you a solid start to your marketing strategy that you can evolve and invest in as your business grows. 

While free promotion won’t have a financial cost, you might need to sacrifice some of your time to get the most out of them. Marketing should be a key part of your business’ strategy, so make sure you set aside time each week to work on your promotion plans. 

Small businesses can face all kinds of challenges, but promotion doesn’t have to be one of them. Try different tools and ideas that can put your business out there to connect with customers and clients, establishing which methods are the most effective for you. In time, you can develop your marketing strategy to help your business grow.


4 Reasons Why Every Work at Home Mum Should Outsource

When starting a home-based business, the last thing on many people’s minds is outsourcing, probably because it’s perceived as an added expense that’s not necessary. As you carry on with the business, you’ll realize that outsourcing can reduce your costs.

Outsourcing is not only for big corporations making a lot of money, but it’s essential for startups too. Being a mum means you always have your hands full. It would help if you had the extra help, skills, and time to run your business smoothly and keep your clients happy. Here are primary reasons why a work from home mum should outsource

You’ll Focus on the Core Business

Imagine spending 3 hours every day cleaning your office or tidying it up to enable better service delivery or keep up with hygiene standards. It takes a lot of your time and energy. This time, you can better invest in the core tasks of the business, such as production and service delivery.

Instead of attending back-office operations, outsource to an experienced service delivery company and concentrate on the actual business responsibilities. For instance, if cleaning takes a lot of your time, outsourcing to a well-equipped and reliable company will assure you of a clean working environment and free up your time.

Remember, it’s not only the business that needs your time and energy. You’ll have more time for yourself and your family. You can also relax more.


Low Maintenance Costs

Think about the cost of purchasing new equipment or relocating to a more suitable space to make room for the added equipment. Outsourcing critical operations such as telemarketing, data entry, and transport will boost business efficiency and save office space.

You can continue operating from your home without having to relocate to a bigger and spacious office. On the same note, you don’t have to hire and keep new employees. Remember that new staff means more expenses on increased salaries, health care, benefits, and payroll taxes. You’ll also need a bigger office to accommodate more employees.


Promote Faster Growth

When you outsource, you concentrate more on the essential aspects of your business, promoting faster growth. You can also plow back the savings you make by taking care of expansion and marketing.

You’ll be able to give your clients better services and cut out inefficiencies. Also because of more improved and efficient service delivery, you’ll keep happier clients. They will always prefer you over your competitors. It means you’ll be the referral point when anyone needs your services which means more business growth.


Controls Risks and Provides Continuity

Think of how your business can be affected when critical employees fail to attend work or you cannot handle crucial responsibilities. It’s not all the time that you can answer customers’ phone calls or keep your office clean and tidy.

It means that the business operations come to a standstill until you get back to work. You’ll inconvenience customers and affect business growth. To avoid this, outsource. You’re assured of business continuity even when key persons are unavailable.

As you will realize, you’ll have more peace of mind, improved operations, and efficiency when you outsource. 


Spring Giveaway – Win an Amazing Beauty Bundle

Spring has finally sprung after what must have been the longer winter in history. As we emerge from our lockdown hibernation it’s time to get ready for being seen in public again. Business for me has been split during lockdown. My baby and children’s nearly new sales have been stopped entirely since February last year and it will still be a while before they are running again. My distance learning tutoring however had been super busy with everyone looking for things to do at home. I’m actually looking forward to a bit of a break now that people can get out and about again.

To make facing the world again bit easier we’ve got an amazing spring beauty bundle to giveaway. It’s arranged by a group of amazing UK bloggers (you can check them out below) and the winner gets loads of amazing beauty products to get them set for spring. Just scroll to the bottom of the post and you can enter via Rafflecopter.

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The Giveaway

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Best of Luck!

How to Take Your Business Off The Leash

You might have started your business with modest ambitions, but you don’t have to end there. When you’re running a company, the sky’s the limit! However, it’s not as if you’ll naturally end up at the top of the mountain. It’ll be your operations that determine whether you reach your full potential or not. All too often, business owners hold their company back, often in ways that they don’t even realise. If your company is chained, then it can’t soar!

Fortunately, this is something that can be changed. In this blog, we’re going to run through some effective methods for metaphorically taking your business off the leash and helping it to soar. 


Invest in Staff

If you’ve got the best employees possible, then you’ll do much better than if you only had low-quality staff. There are various layers to ensuring that your employees can take you to the next level. The first is hiring correctly; do your job descriptions attract high- or low-quality candidates? The second is training. You can have a recruit with plenty of potential, but unless you’re investing in their training and development, then they’ll never be able to deliver their all for your business. 


Outsource Tasks

All too often, what happens with small to medium-sized businesses is that staff and the owner end up performing multiple tasks. However, remember that if an employee is spending time trying to figure out how to do a task they were not hired to do, then you’re wasting their talents. Of course, you can’t hire an employee for every task that has to be completed at your company. So why not look at outsourcing certain tasks to a third-party company? You get access to expert marketing, accounting, and HR by giving the work to others. 


Improve Your Skills

We talked earlier about investing in your staff’s training. But what about investing in yourself? As the owner, you’ll already have had a lot of skills that allowed you to start the business in the first place. But it’s unlikely that you have all the skills you need. No one does! There’s a lot of value in topping up your weak points. To do this, you’ll first need to discover what your weak points are. Do you struggle with leadership? Do you have communication problems? There are courses that can help to improve these areas and many more. 


Aim Higher

It’s all too easy to fall into a comfort zone. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things and everything is running smoothly, it can be tempting to simply stay there. However, there’s a lot of value in pushing your company to be the best that it can be. This is the mindset that drives the leading companies to the very top; they’re not content with where they are. One way to do this is by using the OKR method, which is something that the top companies use. After you’ve received OKR training, you’ll have the tools you need to set goals that push your business to the next level. The thinking goes that if you aim for mars, then even if you don’t get there, you’ll hit the moon. 


The Working Environment

There’s more than one way to work. While the traditional 9-5 office routine is the most common, it’s not necessarily the best option. It’ll work well for some companies but may not work for yours. So it’s a good idea to review your operations and find a solution that will push you to deliver your best work. This could involve offering a flexible work schedule or remote working. Basically, you should look at incorporating whatever your employees’ need to work at their best.


A Big Mindset

Finally, take a look at the mindset that drives your company. Many of the big companies started out as small, but they didn’t end there. Why? Because they have a big mindset, one that naturally elevates standards and expectations. The small companies that stay small do so because they make decisions on a small scale (unless they want to stay small). Making the shift to thinking bigger isn’t as straightforward as the other tips on this list, but it’s arguably the one that makes the biggest difference. When you have a big mindset, you’ll find that you’re more likely to take chances and make the most of opportunities that you would not have taken had you remained thinking small. 

Take the tips above, and it won’t be long before you see big changes to your operations. 


How To Ensure That Your Home Office Is The Ideal Working Environment

So you’ve started working from home and until now you’ve worked from the sofa, the kitchen table, or wherever there’s a free area of space. However, now that your business has begun to progress, you’re wondering about the benefits of creating a home office – aka a dedicated working environment that’s just for you. The question is, of course, how can you go about creating the ideal working environment? 

When it comes to home office design, it’s important to remember that everyone has a different set of needs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Your home office should be a space that perfectly meets your needs, somewhere that you feel comfortable and content to work within. Wondering how you can create the perfect space? 

Below is a simple guide to some of the ins and outs of home office design and how you can create the most amazing workspace within your home. Read on for everything that you need to know about home office design and inspiration. 


Work with the space that you have

When it comes to home office design, it’s important that you’re willing to work with the space that you have in your home. It might be a full room that you can turn into a home office or it might simply be a corner of one; either way aim to work with the space that you have. Don’t let the amount of room you have hold you back, utilise the available space and create the perfect workplace. 


Think about comfort

Make sure that when it comes to your home office space that you take comfort into account; after all, you don’t want to be working in a space that doesn’t feel comfortable, do you? Think about the windows in the room and whether they offer enough fresh air flow, as well as thinking about your heating and cooling systems in the space, such as your air con system, for instance. If you’re unsure whether things are working as they should be, contact a 24 Hour AC Repair specialist and have them come and take a look at your system, to ensure that your office space won’t end up being swelteringly hot come summer. 


Focus on minimalism

When it comes to making your office space somewhere that you actually want to be and find it easy to work within, it’s important to create a space that makes working easier. The key here is minimalism – working in a space that is cluttered is far more difficult than working in a space that is clear and has a minimalist vibe. Clutter makes working productively far more difficult, which is why creating a minimalist space is such a good idea. It’s fine to have a few things dotted around, such as pot plants, note pads, and other office essentials, just don’t let the space become too cluttered or it will impact your ability to work effectively. 

There you have it, a few simple tips for creating the ideal home office environment. 

How to Make a Good Impression With Your Website

First impressions count for a lot, in virtually all aspects of life, including business. If a potential customer doesn’t have a favourable image of your business when they first encounter it, then they’re unlikely to stick around long enough to see what you have to offer. There’ll be plenty of other companies that they can turn to, after all! In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to have a website that conveys credibility, trust, and an all-around positive customer experience. In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips that’ll put you on the right track.


Get It Professionally Designed

Back in the day, you can realistically get away with having an old website. It was the content that was king, not the design. But that was in the 1990s; today, things are a little different. The standards of website design have risen considerably, so you can no longer get by with a poorly-designed website. While it can be tempting to design your website yourself (since there are free website builders), it’s nearly always best to hire a professional to do the job for you. You’ll pay for it, but think of it as an investment: a beautiful website can give you a small but powerful advantage.


Invest in a Copywriter

Nearly everyone can write, sure, but how many people can write well? Not so many. When you’re operating in “the real world,” you can use your voice and charisma to win customers over to your side. In a digital landscape, it’ll be the words on your website that do that. All too often, website owners write the copy themselves, but what they produce can be confusing and full of mistakes. Your customer needs to know what you’re all about, and if the writing is low-quality, then they can’t do that. Invest in a copywriter to remove this problem. Similarly, look to avoid low-quality stock images for your main site; paid photographs look much better.


Dependable and Secure

Respectability and trust are more important than ever when it comes to making a positive impression with your site. If a visitor has some doubts, then they won’t stick around — and they certainly won’t enter their credit card details. So make sure that the basics of your website are watertight. Dedicated servers can ensure that your website is always online (nothing looks worse than consistent downtime), while you should also ensure that you have all the latest security certificates too. It’s all about letting your visitors know that you take their digital security seriously. 


Ongoing Management

Finally, remember that nothing looks worse than a website that looks like it hasn’t been touched in years. If your website is still active, then let people know. Things like making subtle improvements to the layout, changing the photographs, and posting regular content (in the form of blogs etc.) will let your visitors know that yours is a website that is current. It sounds small, but people are naturally sceptical of websites that seem “dead.” 


The Crazy Lengths Some Companies Go To To Attract Top Talent

Attracting top talent is a preoccupation for many companies. Hiring managers gather around tables in darkened rooms, plotting and scheming about how they can acquire the small subset of people who are better than everyone else. 

The reason they do this is the sheer value that highly talented people offer. The best employees aren’t 10 percent better than the next rung down. They’re sometimes 100 percent better, or even 1,000 percent more productive. They have an uncanny ability to get things done. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the insane lengths companies go to to get these  people. It’s quite mad. 


Interactive Open Houses

Imagine opening up your company to everyone in the job market and allowing them to come inside for a poke around. 

Madness, right? 

What about your security? Your trade secrets? The privacy of your employees?

Well, in the talent search, none of those factors matter. The rewards are so high.

Open houses are like a job fair where you engage with random people in your local area. You talk about what your company does and then find out whether there are people out there who could help you. Often, you’ll fire up conversations that provide new ideas and employment opportunities you never knew existed. 


Reach Out To Previous Employees With New Offers

All top recruitment agencies know that the most talented employees like to circulate. They move between job roles so that they can experience something fresh. 

Mostly, they have no quarrels with their previous employers. It’s just that things got a little stale and they wanted to move on. 

Businesses, however, can look for ways to reignite old flames. Romances only tend to peter out when it becomes same-old, same-old. The same is true of work. So if a star employee has been away for a long time, invite them back with an upgraded position and salary. They’ll often want to return. 


Give The Employee The Lead

Imagine just asking somebody to join your organization and then giving them the lead for how they spend their time. 

Again, sounds a little crazy. Most hiring managers want to control the activities of people in their organizations down to the finest detail. 

But that’s not how you should approach talent acquisition. Remember, the whole reason you want these employees in your organization is because they have a knack for creating value, whatever they do. What’s more, they want to be able to direct their activities. So giving them a list of instructions isn’t ideal. 

Giving them the lead is a great way to turn your business into a talent magnet. Top employees don’t want guidance, they want the freedom to explore all avenues. 


Be Kinder


Lastly, some companies are focusing on kindness as a tool to get people to work for them. 

Think about it: what do most people want from their working environments? Money? Well, that’s part of it. But they also want their days to be enjoyable and full of love. And that’s precisely what an empathetic organization provides.