Methods Of Keeping Your Workplace Safe At All Times


As someone with a lot on their plate, you’re going to need to make sure you don’t have extra issues following you around. You’re a mum trying to provide for her family while harboring the worries of the kids pretty much every single day. The idea should be to make sure everything is as perfectly smooth as can be. 

You already have to make sure that the business is running smoothly and you already have lots of constraints bugging you in that regard. The last thing you’ll want is the extra fuss in terms of the safety and security of the business you’re running. That’s why you need to ensure that no other person or obstacle can get in the way of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Fortunately, a premises that is easy to maintain and difficult to break down doesn’t have to be that difficult to create. Whether you have an office to sit in while you build your blog into something huge or whether you have a warehouse with lots of stock, you just have to make sure you take care of a few things. Some may have to be routinely repeated in a systematic way in order to keep things going, and some might just be one-off jobs. So, without further ado, here are some ideas: 


Install Appropriate Security Equipment

At the end of the day, there are people out there who want to take advantage of what you have. It’s a harsh world and criminals are prevalent all over. You need to ensure that you have security cameras and alarms on your property so that you can deter bad people from doing what they want while you’re not aware. If they do insist on going through with this kind of thing, then they’ll be caught red-handed. While it may seem like an unnecessary installment at times, security equipment is essential and should be a staple of the properties you own. Think also about lighting the area up a little more so that people can’t take advantage of the dark areas. Bad individuals like operating covertly in the night so that people cannot catch them in the act as significantly. 


Keep Everything Neat And Tidy

This sounds like a very basic idea, and that’s because it is. Lots of different workplaces can be tips, though – especially ones that are just starting up. Keeping everything clean and tidy while making sure all items are assembled properly has many different advantages. Obviously, when everything is assembled nicely, then you’ll have less chance of running into accidents or tripping over something. Also, when everything is kept in its place and you have a high degree of organization, valuable items will not be left lying around and there for the taking. Once you grow and your premises becomes more than just a small office space, you might not have the time to clean up each day (or every other day). Hiring a cleaning firm to come in every few days might be a wise thing to do as you’ll be able to keep everything in order while you get on with what you’re good at. 


Educate Everyone In The Area  

If everyone knows what they have to do around the workplace, then errors and hazards will be less likely to happen. Of course, if you’re hiring staff, then you’ll want someone who is poised and has all the common sense in the world – everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, though. So, with that said, make sure you let them know everything about the premises. If they know the area well, then they won’t make too many silly mistakes. It’s also good to have regular health and safety training so that they can become more competent overall. Be sure to go through any COVID regulations, too, obviously. 


Make Sure You Have Appropriate Emergency Equipment And Useful Tools Around

You never know what might be around the corner – none of us can predict the future. Workplaces should make sure they have things like first aid kits and fire extinguishers just in case a disaster strikes or something goes a little south. If you have these kinds of useful tools around, then it’s going to make everything smoother on the mind as well as practically speaking. Some businesses will install industrial water tanks in case they need water or oxygen masks if they’re in a more hands-on, practical, factory area. Before anything else, the safety and continuity of everyone involved matters. 


Use Appropriate Labelling And Signage

While this seems like more of a small, handy point to make, it can actually prevent injuries and accidents. Of course, you know of the likes of wet floor signs and similar things like that, but the right labeling and signs can save lives. You might have heavy equipment stores atop that people may need to be aware of. You may also need to tell visitors and staff members to keep clear of a particular area. Signs warning criminals of wrongdoing may also need to be placed on the premises in order to further deter them from trespassing. 


Have Strong, Resilient Fencing And Gating

If you really want to stop people from getting near your premises, then your best bet will be to make sure you’ve laid down some solid gates and fences. If you have a good perimeter, then trespassers will literally have to get past a great obstacle even before facing the challenge of breaking and entering. 


Safes And Lockboxes

If someone should ever enter your property with nefarious intent, then keeping everything in a safe will ensure they never get your valuables. Keeping everything stored away in the likes of safes and lockboxes makes all the sense in the world. Not only will some of your most valuable assets and capital be safe, but you’ll have added peace of mind. 


Business adverts

The Keys To A Successful Business Advert


All businesses rely on advertising, but it’s especially critical for small ones. As a little startup, you need to get some traction to help you take off. People aren’t going to be as aware of you as they are of bigger businesses. So, you’ve got to invest in an advertising campaign to spread the word and increase brand awareness. This can open the door for new customers, with your excellent customer service securing them as lifelong loyalists!

How do you create an advert that works? Here are some key things to work on:


Make it reflect your brand

The advert is basically a way of showing your business to others. Therefore, it will only be effective if it reflects your brand. You can’t have an advert that conveys one thing, then a business that’s completely different. It confuses consumers as they’re hooked in by the vibes of the advert, then let down by the complete juxtaposition. So, as you design the advert, keep your brand image in mind!


Get straight to the point

A brilliant advert will get to the point and explain exactly what you’re after. It should let everyone know what business it’s advertising, and what you’re providing. This is particularly true of print adverts or ads on websites – they need to be simple and get your message across. You can’t clutter an advert with pointless information as it confuses the consumer. Remember, people won’t pay close attention to adverts – they simply don’t have the time or the attention span. Unless they’re a marketing student, they won’t study the advert and make notes on everything. So, you have to get across all of your main points as simply as possible. If they’re only going to take a few things away from the ad, make sure it’s important information!


Maintain a very high quality

Your adverts need to be of the highest quality affordable. The more money you can spend, the better your adverts should look – in terms of quality. Ideally, you’ll need to invest in outside help to create your ads. This could mean hiring a video production team, getting a graphic designer on-board, and so on. Creating ads by yourself might save money, but it also means your adverts will be low-quality pieces of content. You can tell when a professional has created an advert, and it helps to improve your business reputation. It makes you look legitimate, and the quality can attract people’s attention. 


Publish it in the right places

Publishing your adverts is, ultimately, the key to their success. If your ads are shown in the wrong places, to the wrong people, they’ll be useless. So, do your research and discover the most effective places to publish your adverts based on your target market. 

Now, you can create powerful adverts that reel in new customers. As your business gets bigger, you have less of a reliance on advertising. You establish yourself as a business people can trust, so your brand authority and experience draws people in for you. In the beginning, you really need to focus on spreading the word to as many people as possible!

Woman working from home in bed on a laptop

4 Tips For A Successful Home Business Start

Starting a business isn’t the simplest task, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a shot if you feel you have an idea! A lot of people are discouraged by the idea that it might fail without going anywhere, and it’s normal to worry about that, but there’s a lot you can do to make sure that you don’t fall flat! You need to know what you’re going to need for things to start smoothly, and you need to make sure you’re prepared for any mishaps along the way!


Finding your budget

Starting a business is something you need to be prepared to invest in, so this is a good time to start considering what you’re willing to put towards it. When budgeting you should be trying to think of how much everything is going to cost you; your materials needed, any services that you need to pay for, any tools or equipment. Expenses add up after a while, and getting caught out without the funds in your time of need can set you back. If you don’t have a big budget, you should be planning for a smaller startup and that way you can manage your expectations a lot easier.



If you’re planning to sell products online, the prices of stock may vary, depending on whether you’re able to find a good supplier. Searching around online can help you find the right supplier for you, whether you’re looking to buy cheaper items in bulk, like these wholesale stockings, or more expensive items to sell at a higher price. Doing your research is a must, even if you have the finances to cover it all – it’s time to be smart with your money!


Being realistic

Not everyone has experience in starting up a business, and it can be hard to do if you don’t already have the know-how, but that shouldn’t stop you; it just means that you should be keeping a closer eye on what you expect. Make sure you’re setting yourself realistic and achievable goals, and be careful not to strive for something you can’t reach, else you may find yourself at a loss! Taking things the slow and safe route is best in some cases, avoiding risks when you’re not ready for them.



Setting realistic goals is important, but knowing what you’re capable of is also vital for your business. A lot of the time, businesses have to delegate their work to other businesses when the workload is either too much or is not in their expertise. Outsourcing some of your work processes is going to be a must if you’re not yet in need or able to afford the equipment or the manpower that it’s going to take to run your business. Often, this will be the handling of deliveries or manufacturing of products.


As long as you’re prepared mentally and financially prepared, you have what it takes to have a smooth and successful start with your business. Don’t always expect things to go the way you want them to, but be ready to correct and work around it.

Personal care products

5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Personal Care Brand


If you’re into beauty and business, the time will eventually come when you consider starting a personal care brand. 

The great thing about this sector is that there are so many success stories. Dozens of brands have managed to carve out niches for themselves, appealing to consumers looking for certain types of products. Product differentiation occurs on practically every level, from the way they smell to the chemicals in their formulations. 

However, if you’re planning on setting up a personal care business, there are some basic rules you’ll need to follow. 


Get The Legal Go-Ahead First

Personal care products, as you might expect, are regulated because they come into intimate contact with people’s bodies. For that reason, you’ll need to get the legal go-ahead first. 

Be sure to check out the Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines and Inspections Checklist if you’re operating from any western country. You need to make sure that your manufacturing space (or one that you hire) meets these minimum requirements. 


Find A Niche Appeal

If you’re planning on launching a personal care brand, you’ll also need to develop a niche appeal. If you don’t, there won’t be any reason for customers to switch from their existing brands to try yours. 

This part of the process is the most challenging. There are already so many brands in the market appealing to different groups, it can be hard to find a new avenue. There’s no set formula here – you’ll just need to be creative and come up with something unique. 


Be Sure To Secure Quality Suppliers

Personal care products require both manufacturers and suppliers to supply the raw ingredients to the factory. You’ll need chemicals like acetone, sodium lauryl sulfate and botanicals. 

Getting these in large quantities and delivered in the quantities you need requires careful planning and good relationships. Before you begin selling to the public, create a supplier management strategy, and don’t be afraid to use backups. 


Learn As Much About The Industry As You Can

When launching a personal care line of products, it pays to learn as much as you can about the industry and how it works.

Most new brands don’t introduce a massive range of new products all at once. Instead, they focus on promoting a “hero” product and then supporting it using slight variation products. For instance, toothpaste brands will usually launch an “original” version of the product and then support it with a “sensitive” counterpart. 

In 2021, people looking to set up businesses in the personal care sector can benefit from numerous guide books. These present a formula for how you can win business and brand your products. 


Market Products Vigorously

Speaking of branding, marketing is essential in the personal care sector. You need to create advertising materials that make it clear how your products are different from the competition. Ideally, focus on your unique selling point and talk about why your solution is unique in the marketplace. If you think you’ll struggle to shift units, send out free samples in the post and offer them in-store. 

Why Umbrella Companies Make Sense For Contractors


The use of umbrella companies is definitely on the rise. More and more contractors are turning to this option as they recognise the many benefits that can be gained. The use of an umbrella company for contractors means less hassle, less paperwork and less confusion. Read on to discover the top five benefits that can be gained via going down this route…

  • Ease of use

One of the main pulling points regarding umbrella companies is the fact that they are easy to use. The only thing you need to do is fill out a timesheet and a list of your expenses. You will then submit these whilst the company does all of the hard work for you. All you need to do is wait until you are paid. You certainly won’t find a process easier or more straightforward than this one; that is for sure. This also aptly displays how the amount of paperwork you need to do is diminished dramatically. You only have to worry about the timesheet and expenses – nothing else. If you hire other contractors, the company can also assist with payroll. Outsourced payroll takes the weight off your shoulders.

  • No risk of spending the money you owe for tax

One of the major issues associated with sorting out your own tax is the fact that you end up spending it rather than saving it. Paying tax on a yearly basis can be troublesome for many. The tax seems so far into the distance that people don’t see the necessity to save and thus when the time comes they find themselves in a sticky situation. This does not happen with umbrella companies because the tax will be moved prior to you receiving your money. 

  • A great solution for those contracting on a short term basis

Not everybody operating as a contractor sees it is a long term solution. Some people may want to simply try it out. There are others who become a contractor whilst in between jobs and so if a position became available they would take it. Umbrella companies are especially beneficial for these people as minimum effort is required.

  • Everything stays above the law

One of the main issues of doing things alone is that people are not always fully aware of the legislation in place. Because of this, people often end up disobeying the regulations provided without even realising they are doing it. There is absolutely no chance of this happening if you use an umbrella company. After all, these businesses take care of all this for you. 

  • Increases efficiency

You don’t have to worry about tax or any paperwork. Instead, you can focus on the core services you provide and what makes you generate money. As a result, your efficiency will improve and so will your potential for creating higher levels of profit.

There is definitely a lot to be gained by utilising an umbrella company. Nonetheless, you need to make sure you choose the business wisely. Opt for a company who charges a set rate regardless i.e. someone who does not increase costs the more you earn. Furthermore, be certain that they have achieved a credible reputation in the industry as well. 

Protect your business

How to Make Your Blog Profitable


It isn’t easy to earn money from blogging, that much is clear, however, if you know what is possible and you implement a variety of strategies, not just one or the other; the chances of earning a reasonable income are actually quite high. In this article we dive into some of the best ways to monetize your blog this year and bring in some money for your writing efforts. 


Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the practice of partnering with an online business or retailer, such as hotel bathrobes. If your blog has a sufficient number of followers you might successfully apply to several affiliate partner programs depending on your niche. It will be your job to promote certain products on your blog that link through to the affiliate partner. If the user makes a purchase your will receive a commission.  

This is probably the best and most profitable way to earn money from your blog. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge and you can earn money from sales without the need to ship them or stock them. Before being accepted to an affiliate program, however, you will need to have a sufficient following, so get blogging. Finally, it’s important to note that the more expensive a product is the more commission you will make, so choose your partner wisely. 



Advertising is the way most businesses and individuals earn money from the Internet and you can too, if you have a blog with a reasonable following. The way it works is you sell some space on your blog for advertising and Google Ads sets you up with company ads relevant to your niche. Like affiliate marketing, this can be a good way of generating some passive income. But it isn’t as lucrative as affiliate marketing. 

There are, however, certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled for selling ad space, similar to affiliate marketing. You will first need to have a good niche. Something like recipes, home businesses, fashion, or news work well. Ideally advertisers will be looking for high traffic niches. You will also need to have a good number of followers and be able to offer prominent ad space on your blog. If you think you tick these boxes you can easily monetize your blog. 



After you have blogged in your niche for a while you will have built up some expertise and authority in your niche area. This not only strengthens the quality of your blog posts, it also offers further opportunities to earn money. You probably have several topics you blog about often that could be consolidated into an ebook. If you do this you should consider holding some valuable features back to include as USPs. 

Writing an associated ebook for your blog is an excellent idea for promoting your blog and monetizing it. An ebook can be a hub for your blog containing the best information you have on a range of topics. Like blog posts, ebooks can also be creatively extended to make use of your knowledge under different headlines. When you have written your ebook, publish it and market it extensively on social media and with guest blog posts. 



The Internet is changing as we move into the new year, the trends over the last twelve months have been in favor of more video and interactive content, which makes you think about what additional content you could add to your blog. A podcast is one such medium that not only provides value to your audience but can increase your visibility online and earn you money simultaneously. 

By the time you start thinking about a podcast your blog will have a dedicated following interested in what you have to say. Moreover, you will have a strong knowledge of your subject and be able to talk informatively about it. It goes without saying you will also have to be entertaining and compelling, something that should come naturally to you as a blogger. A podcast may not earn you money directly but it will increase your traffic and support your SEO. 


Your Services 

Once you have explored the ideas above for monetizing your blog the final thing you can offer is your services either through an online workshop or as a consultant. This is potentially an excellent earner for both active and passive income. Of course, as a mom, you may not have time to undertake this work extensively but it’s worth considering. 

Brainstorm your niche and think of ways you can offer value to people through an online course or consultation. You might have useful knowledge on how to monetize your online presence, how to create good SEO, or how to write for an online audience. These are skills many people are looking for these days and are willing to pay for your experienced guidance.  

The Secret To Amazing Product Design? Get Your Customers Involved

Designing new products is a stressful process. How do you recreate the success of your last product? What do the customers really want out of this new product? Business owners spend endless hours in meetings with their design team trying to answer these questions when they could just ask the customer. 

The easiest way to make sure that you have a winning product is to include the customers in the design process and listen to their feedback. If you ask them what they want and then deliver it, you’re far more likely to see good sales from day one. But if you keep trying to guess what people want without asking them, there’s a strong chance that you will get it wrong and the product will be a flop. 

These are some of the best ways to include your customers in the design process for new products. 


Check Reviews Of Existing Products 

Reviews of your existing products are the best place to start when trying to come up with new ideas. You need to identify what was good about your old products and where you could have improved. So, go through as many reviews as possible and take notes on the things that people bring up often. This should give you a pretty clear idea of what makes your product special, so you can emulate this in new products. If you don’t have that many customer reviews, you should focus on an email campaign to encourage people to leave more feedback before you do anything else.


Ask Your Brand Community 

The people that share common ground based on their mutual love for your brand are your brand community, and these are the people you should ask for advice. But before you can benefit from their expertise, you need to focus on fostering a community in the first place. Read a guide to selecting a community platform and set up your own forum where customers can meet and discuss your products. These conversations will be a goldmine of information and you can interact directly with your community to ask them what they want from your next product. Don’t forget to use social media platforms to connect with people as well. 


Get People To Test Prototypes 

When you have a product idea and you are in the prototype stage, testing is incredibly important. Input from people that have never used your products is still valuable, but you should also get advice from existing customers. There are a few different ways that you can do this but trade shows are one of the easiest places to find testers. Take some early prototypes along with you and reach out to people that are already familiar with your brand. If you advertise on social media and your community platforms, letting people know that they can try an exclusive new prototype, you should get plenty of interest. 

When you think about it, it seems crazy to design products without involving the customer. These are the best ways to get their insights and create a product that you know they will love.  


Best Home-Based Jobs for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be in 2021

Best Home-Based Jobs for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be in 2021

This trying year has forced us all to look at your lives whether professionally or socially differently. Since most of 2020, we were forced to stay at home; home took on a whole new meaning. Perhaps you made adjustments to your home’s layout needing to work for home, setting up an online learning space for your kids, and working out at home. In 2021, the trend to work from home will continue with the rollout of vaccines and returning to a more normal society and economy. If you are looking to continue working from home, there are some home-based jobs that are ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be in 2021. Read the suggestions below to see if they are a good fit for you and your family.


Freelance Writing and Blogging

If you are gifted with creative writing, perhaps freelance writing and/or blogging would be a great New Year career. However, it takes a while to get started. Freelance writers need to have a strong portfolio of previous work to showcase skills, types of writing expertise, and the like. Although you can pitch yourself to magazines and publications, there is more consistent writing work creating content for businesses. You can find various freelance writing work portals online. 

Blogging also requires being a great wordsmith; however, you also have to have some foundation before you even start writing. First, you must set up a website. Secondly, you need to populate that site with niche graphics and content. Thirdly, you need to create blog posts that are informative, educational, and to make money ads. These can be affiliate links, sponsored posts, or GoogleAds. 


Handmade Jewelry or Home Decor

If you are artsy and enjoy making crafty things with your hands, perhaps opening your own store on Etsy is perfect for you. Have you made earrings for yourself and received many compliments? Perhaps you made your own holiday ornaments for gifts this year AND they were a hit. 2021 is the year to set up your Etsy shop. Before you start, you may want to hear from other home-based mothers that have done the same. 


Virtual Assistant

As a mother, you are a natural logistical genius. You make sense of multiple schedules, appointments, play-dates, and more. Use those organizational skills to make money from your home in 2021. Although you may think that working from home means you won’t be travelling, you may be organizing meetings and sales calls for global clients. In this day and age, every business needs a professional telephone translation service. You may need to put together a telephone call between two business branches one in Brazil and the other in th Ukraine. Don’t waste your boss’ time with a bad translation.

Working from home allows you to reduce your commute time, be available for your family, and at times multi-task (ex. work while the crockpot is cooking dinner or while the washing machine is doing the laundry). If you are looking for a job that gives you that flexibility plus some money in your bank account, these three paths can do that for you. However, remember that you need a specific skill set for each. Whether you are gifted with words, the arts, or the mastery of a calendar and spreadsheets, there is a home-based job for you in 2021. The world’s your oyster. Happy job hunting!


Tips For Handling Your Books As A Solo Business Owner

As a solo business owner, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities that most businesses would likely be spread across entire departments and many employees. When you own a business, and you’re the only employee, that can make life very hectic and difficult to manage. Your books are something that still need to be handled correctly in order to do your taxes properly and to budget for the year ahead. Here are some tips for handling your books as a solo business owner.


Keep Hold Of Your Receipts

Firstly, make sure that you’re keeping hold of all of your receipts because, as a business, there will be things that you can claim against when it comes to your tax return. It’s worth reading up on what these are so that you’re collecting all the right receipts. If you’re in doubt, then just keep on to them all until it comes to doing your taxes. Keeping your receipts is certainly going to help so make sure you’ve got a folder or some type of filing system that is going to keep them all in place. That way, if you ever get challenged by the governing body that taxes you in your country, you can have the receipts available for however far back they need them.


Look At What Benefits You Have

There are many benefits to owning a business, and it’s worth considering what benefits your business will bring when it comes to taxes. There are certain tax benefits but also added benefits that exist for those who are running a business and it may be worth exploring what these are. It’s better to be in the know so that if you need to, it’s something you can claim on to help save money and to keep more of your profit. As a business, the more money you make, the more you’re able to expand into something bigger and better.


Seek Professional Advice

As a solo business owner, you only have the information and knowledge that you have personally when it comes to navigating your business financially. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes it’s worth reaching out to those professionally who are able to provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your taxes. Business tax advice is available and worth paying for when it comes to running the business alone.


Have A Tax Savings Account

A tax savings account is good to have because it separates your profit and any additional income you’re making as a business or individual. Taxes are something we all need to pay and they cannot be avoided. So if you’re trying to save yourself some money, then it’s important to get yourself a separate account where you can put away your taxes where needed. Handling your taxes alone can be tough so having this can make sure you have the money you need to cover the bill.

Use these tips to get the most out of your business and to not get stung by taxes.


coaching businesses run by mumpreneur

Everything You Need To Set Up and Run A Successful Coaching Business

Want a varied career, where you get to support fascinating people, and be a motivating force for change? Well, then setting up a coaching business may be just the opportunity you are looking for. Of course, there are a few things you’ll need to work through before you begin. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


Find your why

Before you start seeing clients, you need to define the ‘why’ of your business. That is the reason you are choosing to go into coaching, and the values you can express by doing this job. 


For example, you may choose coaching because you want to help people maximize their potential. The values that may be associated with this could include empathy, encouragement, hard work, and variety. 

Indeed, identifying your ‘why’ is vital when starting up your own business because there will be rough days. Days where you think of throwing in the towel! Fortunately, your whys should get you through, and ultimately lead you not only to outward success but a real sense of life satisfaction as well. 


Find your niche

Next, it’s time to find your niche. Although, this step is more of a process than an end goal. After all, in coaching, you will come across different kinds of people all the time, and so will be constantly refining the niche in which you operate. 



To help you with this process, it’s a good idea to think about the people that you enjoy helping the most. Also, consider the unique benefits you offer them, what can they get from you that no one else can offer. In fact by defining these things you can much better direct your business to clients that are a good match and that you will enjoy working with. 



Once you have an idea of the type of clients you want to work with, you can begin marketing your coaching business. Of course, there is a whole range of ways that you can spread the word about the services that you are offering. 

Many coaches begin their marketing with a website and then build things up from there. Add a blog to drive traffic and offer valuable insights into the coaching process. Getting visitors to sign up for newsletters is a smart move too as it will allow you to build a database to which you can market constantly. Just be sure to choose the best ways to reach the people that you have defined and your targeted demographic.



Networking is a valuable part of running a coaching business. In fact, for many coaches, it can be seen as part of their marketing strategy. Networking is particularly valuable for two reasons. The first is that it can help form connections that can lead to clients, while the second is connections that can help your clients achieve their goals. With that in mind, it is important to embrace networking in both its online and offline forms. 

To network successfully there are a few bases that you need to cover. The first is to make sure you have the basics in place such as a professional-looking business card, an item you can use a bespoke printing company to help you with. You may even wish to use such a company to get some brochures printed up to give to clients, something that can be a great way of pitching and making connections in this post- covid era as it allows you to make a connection without having to be face to face. 


Also when it comes to networking, it’s important to recognize that there is a transactional nature to the process. Not that people pay each other for referrals or introductions per se, but that for someone to become a valued connection, one that you can ask something of, you need to do something of value for them first. What that means is forming a useful network is more than just being in contact with people. It’s also about offering them something of value such as advice, assistance, or a contact of your own, before expecting them to help you. 


Set your prices

Finally, before you launch your business be sure that you have a clear price list. Unfortunately, money can be a sticky issue for coaches, but getting your pricing right is vital to the success of your business. The best approach here is to think in terms of value rather than an hourly rate. 

What that means is you charge clients for the value you can provide to them concerning meeting their goals. Indeed, by charging in this way you will find yourself free to offer a range of services and choose the projects that resonate most with your values.