Book review: The girl who refused to quit

Cassie’ story is essentially one of determination, initially to keep her house for herself and her son but in the long term to find the right path for herself in the wider world. Her story is very readable, I finished it in one sitting with just a short break to pick up my little one from preschool and put her down for her nap!

Cassie’s experience of becoming a mother is one I’m sure many will relate to, despite loving her child she experienced a great loss of self esteem, through both the physical changes that pregnancy brings and the emotional changes caused by new motherhood. The ending of her marriage intensified this but the determination to keep hold of her home pushed her to move forwards.

Working full time while caring for young children is very challenging and Cassie’s experience of the pressure she experienced to achieve targets and work long hours will be familiar to many who have considered leaving the corporate world to start their own business. Cassie’s brave decision to change to a much lower paying part time job shows her great strength of character, she did what was right for herself and her children even though many people thought the choice odd. I found her experience of being made redundant from that job very interesting as it clearly shows that the emotional stress of redundancy isn’t only about money and status.

Cassie explores a number of different things in the book including reiki and counselling and even experiences great success as a network marketer but none of these things quite seem to be her calling.
It is only at the end of the book when Cassie launches her business as a Body Confidence Coach that you can see how all of the threads of her story come together, seeing how everything that she has experienced has led to her perfect career restores my faith in fate. If you’re questioning which direction you should then this is a great read for you.