3 Small Career-Building Pursuits That Have A Big Impact

When career advice is given, it tends to be provided in broad strokes. For instance, learning how to speak in public through a set of worthwhile private lessons, learning the new regulations so that your brand can better conform to its compliance needs, or moving jobs every few years to secure negotiate the best salary going forward are all considerations worth keeping in mind.

That said, it’s often the smaller, day-to-day, seemingly mundane tasks that often help the most. People will remember how you greet them, for instance, and working relationships are built over time. For this reason, from time to time, it can be nice to look at the smaller elements of building a career, such as having business or contact cards made, having some professional clothes fitted, and even creating a website with a portfolio, if appropriate.

In this post, we’ll discuss some additional methods you might use to further progress that budding career. With that in mind, please consider the following advice:


Take Some Professional Headshots

Taking professional corporate headshots can not only look good for you, but if you manage a team, you can fill out your “about us” page with people from your actual staff instead of stock photos. Not only will this help you look your best, but you can place the image on your resume, as part of your professional online profiles, or when launching your own personal career, such as setting up a small consulting firm. Professional headshots help capture your focus, presence, dedication and formality, allowing you to offer the best of yourself to people who haven’t met you, or who may recognize you based on the image.


Craft A Linked-In Or Professional Social Media Presence

An online presence is not always needed, but it can be helpful in certain industries or job categories, for example, marketing is certainly a relevant space to operate in online. With a LinkedIn profile you can connect to others in your industry or firm. Moreover, you may get fair warning around industry events and interesting activities worth pursuing. You may also use apps like Twitter to share your insight, giving you the chance to be seen as an authority on a topic, and helping you move on from there.


Keep In Touch With Your Old Networked Contacts

It’s healthy to keep in touch with people you’ve worked with before, especially old managers or those that have taught you vital lessons. Keeping those connections fresh may not only provide you with friendship, but also potential opportunities, further insight, and a list of people who believe in what you do, which can be beneficial. A simple Christmas card, a message from time to time, or a phone call could be a fantastic idea, as can giving and asking favors where appropriate.


With this advice, you’re sure to pursue the best career-building efforts, hopefully helping you progress your career and feel more confident in your capabilities. Even imposter syndrome has imposter syndrome when you’re around.