Running baby and toddler classes

Talking Tots

What's your business called? Talking Tots - I own the franchises for Southend & surrounding areas and Chelmsford & Maldon Can you describe it in one sentence? Providing classes to pre-schoolers and early years settings to help develop good communication, language, listening & attention, social and pre-literacy skills in preparation for pre-school and ultimately school. When did you … Continue reading Talking Tots

Mum using phone

The Success Stylist

What's your business called? The Success Stylist Can you describe it in one sentence? I help people create their own business and future, by offering support, guidance and development through sharing a network marketing opportunity. When did you start it and what inspired you? I started in August 2015. Working full time in a successful … Continue reading The Success Stylist


Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a Mum and to whom? I am Gemma Stow I am married to Mark, and we have two gorgeous children Matilda (8) and Grayson (4). They rock my world. What's your business called? Gemma Stow and I am the founder of … Continue reading Fiercemums