How To Design A Productivity Boosting Office?

Running a successful business relies on productive staff, as a business leader, it’s your role to keep employees motivated. Your office space can either encourage productivity, or have the opposite effect, the key is in your design choices. To design a functional office space, all you need are a few simple tips and tricks.


Consider the layout

When you’re designing an office, you must carefully consider the layout. Open plan collaborative spaces can be useful to boost productivity. You might provide work hubs that follow a ‘coffee shop’ layout. You could conclude sofa spaces where staff can take a break from their laptops. Alternative desk spaces are a great place for staff to 

to write some notes, or listen to an industry related podcast. Standing desks can also improve the layout of your office, and many employees prefer these.


Dispose of clutter

When an office is full of clutter it’s hard to concentrate. Cramped and messy environments mean that employees become distracted and lethargic. To dispose of the clutter you might want to sell unwanted items, or donate them to other organisations. Alternatively, you could hire a self-storage company to provide a tailored storage solution. There are plenty of top quality storage companies that can offer secure facilities at a great price.


Inspiring decor

To boost productivity in your office you need to think very carefully about your decor choices. Choose decor that is uplifting, helping to inspire energy and creativity. The best thing to do is to use eye-catching art work, and bold color schemes. A brightly colored and fun office can help employees to feel relaxed and happy.

When you’re decorating, you might like to involve your staff in a few of the design choices? Working together as a team is an excellent way to boost morale.


Healthy adjustments

To maintain productivity, you’ll need to ensure that your office is a healthy space. There are lots of ways that you can create a healthy office including:

  • Purchase air purifiers to remove toxins and pollutants from the air.
  • Decorate with plants to keep staff energized and productive.
  • Ensure that your desks are ergonomic, to prevent strains and injuries.
  • Use natural light to boost endorphin levels and create a healthy space.
  • Create eco-friendly office policies to boost staff wellbeing.


Get feedback

To create the perfect office space, make sure that you gather feedback from your staff. Ask your employees how productive they feel in the office, ask which devices and features they need to improve productivity. Feedback can help you to make the right adjustments, keeping your staff healthy and happy.



Before you make changes to your office, draw up a plan, and figure out a budget. You’ll need to decide on the interior design theme, colour schemes, and the most important features. Be sure to shop around before you buy decor items, check out reviews to ensure you’re making an informed choice. There are so many ways to improve your office space.