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Don’t Skip These Essential Steps During The Hiring Process


Your employees are the people who make your business work so you do need to focus on the hiring process. 

You will both attract and employ the best people for your business if you get it right, and your business will prosper because of the people you bring on board. 

Below are the essential steps you need to take. 


#1: Update your website

Your website isn’t only the place your customers come to. It’s where interested job seekers will come to, as they will want to make sure your business is worth working for. So, update your website to give it a professional look, and add those things that will lure in potential employees, such as testimonials from happy members of your team. Include anything else that will make your business more appealing, such as pages devoted to company events and bonuses you give to your employees. 


#2: Make a plan

What type of vacancy needs to be filled? What kind of employees are you looking for? These questions should be the basis of the planning you do during the hiring process. So, think carefully before preparing your job description. And be mindful before advertising your vacancy. When you know what you want, you will be better able to write your job specs, and you should have a better understanding of where you might place your job ads. 


#3: Review job applications

Hopefully, you will get a lot of interest in your vacancy. However, it will be very time-consuming to interview everybody, so follow these tips on shortlisting candidates


#4: Get the interview stage right

The interview stage works in two ways. Firstly, it is your opportunity to meet and question your candidates. And secondly, it is your opportunity to impress your prospective employees. So, at the outset, make sure you have the right interview questions to ask. By asking the questions that are relevant to the vacancy on offer, you will improve your chances of finding the right employee.

Then consider the questions your candidates might ask you. If you fumble over your answers, you will create a terrible first impression, so be prepared for anything they might throw at you. 


#5: Run pre-employment checks

When you have narrowed down your candidate list, this is the important next step. The pre-employment checks you carry out will help you to filter your shortlist further. Drug testing, criminal background checks, and employer references are just some of the pre-employment checks you should consider. 


#6: Work on the onboarding process

After carrying out the previous steps, you should have found a great new employee. Great! However, your work isn’t over yet as you have the onboarding process to sort out. This is where you introduce your employee to your company, with everything they need to start working for you. Get it right and both you and your employee will benefit. Get it wrong and problems will occur for both you and the employee. There is some excellent advice on onboarding at https://www.learningbank.io/onboarding so follow the link to learn more. 

There is a lot to do during the hiring process and we have only covered the essential steps in brief. Commit to further research and educate yourself on everything you need to do to make the hiring process a success.