From English To Anglais For Business Expansion

Professional French translation services are key if you want to broaden your horizons and make your business visible to overseas nations. 

Sometimes GCSE and A-Level French just won’t cut it for your important and critical documents – you’ll need a fully-fledged translation that can whip your documents into shape. This is not only important for reaching more people with ads, but you will need to rely on a translator for your global business for logistics purposes. This is something supply chain consultants can help with, ensuring you’re running everything as efficiently as possible.

Seeing as French is spoken in countries such as Canada, Switzerland, and France itself, it’s a language that’s spoken in many different continents. French is taught in schools all around the world to primarily instill the language as a secondary language for many school children who can utilise it if they go traveling or decide to work abroad. Though sometimes this basic level just cannot make the cut – so if you’ve tried to write something for a French audience yourself, the translation may fall flat. Mistakes can be made with clunky phrasing, past and future tenses, and other various aspects that may not be so obviously wrong, but can be potentially fatal for the clarity of the translated document itself. 

By hiring a member of a professional translation company who has mastered the artful skill of converting a language into another, you’ll be able to be assured that the written communication coming out of your company will be edited with utmost clarity, and will ensure that the reader can completely understand what’s on the page. Translators maintain a self-sufficient skill set so not only can they provide translation services, but they can also edit and proofread too, so by hiring a translator you’re not just hiring one key worker, but three in total. 


Look For ITI Certification

There are a ton of translation freelancers online who hope to clinch the job from bilingual natives to people who’ve been doing the job for years – but only the best are ITI certified. 

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (otherwise known as ITI) is an expert association of translators and interpreters living and working in the United Kingdom. It was originally founded in 1986 aiming to promote high standards of the artisanal art of translation. Members of the quality translation group are not only from the United Kingdom itself but also from neighbouring countries in Europe. Many large companies contact the Institute in hope of being put in contact with a competent and reliable translator who can fulfil translation services – whether on a long-term basis or a short-term contract. 

Becoming an actual member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting is a process that’s not for the likes of newcomers. A qualified member needs to have been offering professional translation services for over three years and must demonstrate their ability through various references and payment logs to ensure that they really are pro. Being a certified member means that you’re an accomplished translator or interpreter who can talk and write in multiple languages to an extremely high standard. They are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to their profession. So when you’re looking for someone to fulfil the duty of converting one language to another, make sure that they’re ITI certified.