4 Small Things to Make Your Home-Based Business Look More Professional

So, you’ve decided on a business idea that you know has all the potential in the world, now you need to fulfil it. The problem is that small businesses, especially those that run out of your home, can find it difficult to get off the ground. If not done right, they seem amateurish, especially when there are other businesses to contend with. How can you make your small business stand out then and stay within your budget? Here are four small things that can help. 


Prompt Replies

Communication between the company and the client is key in business, and if you want to appear more professional, you must make sure you are prompt when responding to emails. This not only shows that you are organised, but it also demonstrates that you care about their business. No one wants to wait five days for a response, and if you wait this long, the customer may look elsewhere. Instead, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Ideally, this should be within the hour, but if you make it a policy to respond within 24 hours at the most, you will prove your worth as a business owner.


All The Information

Small businesses rely on word of mouth, especially in the early days while they are still trying to establish themselves. However, this word of mouth is not possible if future customers cannot find any information about your business. You must take advantage of services like Google My Business to detail your phone number and email address at the very least. If you’re working out of your home, you may not want to include a physical address, but a PO Box is effective for receiving mail.



You must establish a brand that people will automatically associate with your business. This brand can include a logo for your social media pages and your website, but you can do more than this. Using Label Printing services can make your company look the part when you send packaged products to clients. Rather than scribble their name and address on the envelope, a branded label will make your company look bigger and more professional than it is, which make them feel they are working with someone reliable, increasing the chance of future business. 


Professional Photos

Okay, perhaps not professional photos, but good quality photos are essential for your company looking like it means business. You can use your smartphone camera to take photographs of products considering how good the resolution is now, and it’s also worth investing in quality product photoshoot equipment. The same goes for your website photographs, especially on your About Me page. As for the rest, you can get away with stock photographs from websites like Unsplash or Pixabay to save you some money but still get a truly professional effect. 


Looking The Part

Your business must look the part if you want to get ahead and appeal to customers that will help you grow. With these small but effective steps, you’ll have no trouble establishing your company and looking more professional.