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How Bloggers Make Money

You might well have wondered in the past, how do bloggers make money? Well today we’re going to answer that question. Essentially, bloggers are very similar to the free newspapers and magazines they you receive through the door. They provide some interesting articles for you to read and are paid via companies pacing adverts. For bloggers, advertising can take various forms. While each blogger’s sources of income will be slightly different, we’re going to explain 6 main ways that they make a living. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Programmes like Google Adsense allow bloggers to display adverts on their sites for products that might be of interest to their readers. Bloggers make money when visitors to their site click on the advert. The amount per click is very small and there is usually a minimum payment threshold to be reached before they are paid but blogs that have developed a good level of traffic can make a worthwhile amount.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is when a blogger is paid to display an advert on their site. It usually goes either in the sidebar or at the top of the page. The amount they are paid will vary but essentially the more established and well visited the website is, the more they will be paid. If you have a blog in a small niche advertisers within that niche are likely to be keen to get seen by your audience.

Affiliate Programmes

Bloggers can advertise specific products via an affiliate scheme. These basically mean that when someone goes on to buy the product after clicking a link on their site, bloggers make money. It’s usually a percentage of what the buyer paid. Bloggers may work via large affiliate schemes like Amazon Associates or Affiliate Window or they might have a direct relationship with the brand whose products they are promoting.

Sponsored Content

In some cases bloggers are paid to talk about a product on their blog. This might be a one off, for example being paid to write a post on the benefits of travel insurance. It could also be an ongoing relationship through an ambassadors programme. In an ambassador programme the blogger talks regularly about the product, these are often consumable products like nappies.

Working with Search Engine Optimisation Agencies (SEOs)

A Search Engine Optimisation agency’s aim is to increase the Google ranking of their clients website. One of the ways they do this is by getting other websites to link to that client’s site. Bloggers make money by hosting posts on their site that contain those links. It’s not something Google are very keen on people doing but it isn’t in anyway illegal.

Creating Information Products

Where bloggers are an expert on a certain topic, they can make money from that by creating an information product. An information product basically aims to teach someone something. They can do this in the form of a course or book, usually accessed online. For example, if you were an expert as decluttering, you could create a course called “How to declutter your home”. Bloggers make money by selling these products via their blog. 

You can see that, essentially, all of the ways that bloggers make money, involve some kind of advertising. If you want to make money from blogging it’s important you create great content. Great content will make people want to visit your blog. That in turn will make advertisers want to pay you. It can take time when you first start bloggingfirst start blogging to build an audience but is well worth it once you do.

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How Bloggers Make Money