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How to Make Your Blog Profitable


It isn’t easy to earn money from blogging, that much is clear, however, if you know what is possible and you implement a variety of strategies, not just one or the other; the chances of earning a reasonable income are actually quite high. In this article we dive into some of the best ways to monetize your blog this year and bring in some money for your writing efforts. 


Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the practice of partnering with an online business or retailer, such as hotel bathrobes. If your blog has a sufficient number of followers you might successfully apply to several affiliate partner programs depending on your niche. It will be your job to promote certain products on your blog that link through to the affiliate partner. If the user makes a purchase your will receive a commission.  

This is probably the best and most profitable way to earn money from your blog. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge and you can earn money from sales without the need to ship them or stock them. Before being accepted to an affiliate program, however, you will need to have a sufficient following, so get blogging. Finally, it’s important to note that the more expensive a product is the more commission you will make, so choose your partner wisely. 



Advertising is the way most businesses and individuals earn money from the Internet and you can too, if you have a blog with a reasonable following. The way it works is you sell some space on your blog for advertising and Google Ads sets you up with company ads relevant to your niche. Like affiliate marketing, this can be a good way of generating some passive income. But it isn’t as lucrative as affiliate marketing. 

There are, however, certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled for selling ad space, similar to affiliate marketing. You will first need to have a good niche. Something like recipes, home businesses, fashion, or news work well. Ideally advertisers will be looking for high traffic niches. You will also need to have a good number of followers and be able to offer prominent ad space on your blog. If you think you tick these boxes you can easily monetize your blog. 



After you have blogged in your niche for a while you will have built up some expertise and authority in your niche area. This not only strengthens the quality of your blog posts, it also offers further opportunities to earn money. You probably have several topics you blog about often that could be consolidated into an ebook. If you do this you should consider holding some valuable features back to include as USPs. 

Writing an associated ebook for your blog is an excellent idea for promoting your blog and monetizing it. An ebook can be a hub for your blog containing the best information you have on a range of topics. Like blog posts, ebooks can also be creatively extended to make use of your knowledge under different headlines. When you have written your ebook, publish it and market it extensively on social media and with guest blog posts. 



The Internet is changing as we move into the new year, the trends over the last twelve months have been in favor of more video and interactive content, which makes you think about what additional content you could add to your blog. A podcast is one such medium that not only provides value to your audience but can increase your visibility online and earn you money simultaneously. 

By the time you start thinking about a podcast your blog will have a dedicated following interested in what you have to say. Moreover, you will have a strong knowledge of your subject and be able to talk informatively about it. It goes without saying you will also have to be entertaining and compelling, something that should come naturally to you as a blogger. A podcast may not earn you money directly but it will increase your traffic and support your SEO. 


Your Services 

Once you have explored the ideas above for monetizing your blog the final thing you can offer is your services either through an online workshop or as a consultant. This is potentially an excellent earner for both active and passive income. Of course, as a mom, you may not have time to undertake this work extensively but it’s worth considering. 

Brainstorm your niche and think of ways you can offer value to people through an online course or consultation. You might have useful knowledge on how to monetize your online presence, how to create good SEO, or how to write for an online audience. These are skills many people are looking for these days and are willing to pay for your experienced guidance.