How to Optimize Your SEO in 2021

The world of SEO has changed significantly in the last number of years. It has gone from being co corned with simple Title tags and meta descriptions, to optimizing for voice, microdata, and non-textual content. If you thought SEO was confusing there is more to learn, and it’s becoming increasingly important to get it right if you want to compete in a saturated market. In this article we look at some ways you can better optimize your website in 2021.

One if the best ways to make sure your SEO efforts are effective is to keep up with current trends. You can do this by regularly reading blogs like iTonic that share the latest market trends and data. This will allow you to respond quickly to changes in the market and make decisions based on the latest information.



Until now you’ve probably not thought much about optimising for voice search. That’s because, until now, it’s been on the periphery of user search behaviours. However, the technology for voice search has improved significantly. 

With major improvements of Alexa and Google Assistant, voice search is suddenly very workable and beneficial to users. There are some differences to text based SEO, however: the need to achieve a number one status with voice search is critical. 



Microdata are the small snippets and tags you use on your content to help describe it on the search engine results pages. Normally they are optional, but Google and other major search engines are placing more of an emphasis on them in 2021. 

The microdata is a useful way for search engines to identify more relevant content, so if you optimize your microdata better it will enhance your search engine ranking. This year, retail through your content and update its microdata.  



As the Internet has developed a lot of the same content has been produced. While SEO strategies are effective, it becomes harder to compete on certain keywords and using conventional strategies. That’s why some Local SEO businesses diversify their content to create more value. 

Diversifying the content means including infographics and video to compete on certain keywords and hold a users attention for longer. Infographics are great for creating keyword relevance and video is an excellent up and coming SEO tool. 



UX SEO stands for User Experience SEO and it’s the strategy to look out for in 2021. The major search engines are starting to prioritise user experience more and more which adds an extra dimension to your SEO considerations. 

It’s thought that an effective user experience on a website can actually increase a company’s revenue by 35%. That’s a huge number for simply adjusting the speed and practicality of your website. Don’t miss out on UX SEO this year. 



Google and other major search engines are also prioritising core Web vitals in 2021. Come May the search engines will be looking for better loading times, interactivity on web pages, and visual stability. These are all related to user experience. 

You can enhance your core Web vitals by reducing the loading speed of your webpages. Optimize your video content or remove it completely. You can also simplify your website, make buttons clearer and navigation user friendly. If the search engine finds two sets of identical content it will rank the one with better core vitals.