Starting a craft business

How To Set Up An Online Crafting Buisness In 6 Easy Steps

If you have ever wanted to run your own business selling handmade gifts, then now is the time to do it. In recent years there has been a considerable shift in the buying habits of consumers, and now many people want to get products that are handmade with that special personal touch. Added to this, websites such as Etsy make it so much easier for independent crafters to reach their target markets. So, why are you still sitting here? Go and get your battery powered glue guns out and get making.


Finding Your Niche

You may already have a specific craft niche that you are passionate about and good at. If you do, that’s great. Finding your niche may be easy for you. Some people enjoy a range of crafting activities and work across several styles. If this sounds like you, you will need to narrow your work down to either a specific theme or product type. There is nothing wrong with setting out a mixture of work. However, you need to be able to market your products well, and to do this, you should be able to define what you are all about clearly. 


Register As Self-Employed

Hopefully, you will make lots of money as a self-employed crafterself-employed crafter. If you do, then you will need to pay tax on this. Before you can do that you should register with your local tax office. Start keeping records of everything that you sell so that you know how much you have earnt. Keep a list of your expenditure too. If you have had to buy any stock items or equipment, then keep receipts as they will be tax-deductible expenses. 


Set Up Shop

You will need a good name for your online store, and also a look that reflects precisely what you do. Make sure your store looks professional. If you want inspiration, visit some of the most popular pages on Etsy and try and learn what works well for them. 


List Your Products

Your products need accurate, well-written descriptions. Make sure you run these through a grammar check before posting them as they need to read well. Take some clear photos that show your products off in the best way possible. Make sure you use a plain background. If you need additional images to show different aspects of the product, make sure and include these. 


Promote Your Page

Running your page does not stop with making and listing your products. You will also need to promote them too. With this in mind, set yourself profiles on the major social media networks to let your customers know that you exist. Use relevant hashtags and often post to build up a following. 


ANALYSE Your Sales

The secret behind any successful business is understanding what works for you. If lines are not selling, cut your loses, reduce them, and create alternatives. Use the analytical tools on the site to see how your visits are translating to sales. 

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