The Balancing Act: How To Juggle Work And Being A New Mum

After being able to rest, bond with your baby and get a grasp on your new journey of motherhood, it seems your maternity leave is sadly coming to an end. Playing the role of a working mum can be challenging. And although you may be excited about going back to work, you still want to be at home with your new baby. This confusion of managing work and home can be exhausting. Fortunately, several mums have been in your position and have been able to strike a healthy balance – and so can you! Here are some methods you can employ to balance work and being a new mum effectively.


Let go of the guilt

For many working mums, the guilt of going to work each morning brings about an enormous wave of guilt. This, in part, can be blamed on a society that makes women believe that they are “abandoning” their children by going to work. However, it is essential to let go of the guilt you are forced to feel for not being by your children all the time. Whenever you feel guilt, be sure to focus on the positive ways your job affects your family. Remind yourself that you are making the right decision for your family and the baby’s future. 


Find good child care

While you are away, your baby needs constant attention. Hiring reliable child care services such as a nanny, a big daycare centre, or home care services would ensure that your baby is well cared for while you are at work. Regardless of the form of child care services you want, be sure to conduct ample research on various organisations. Read through their policies, organise interviews, and read reviews from existing and past clients. It would help if you also considered asking people you trust for recommendations. Once you have a child care service provider, be sure to communicate often and extensively with them to ensure your baby’s safety whenever you are away. You can purchase safe nursery furniture at Cuckooland to ensure extra safety for your baby while you are away.


Create an effective morning and evening routine

Routines are a great way of ensuring you keep a healthy balance between work and home. Each night, prepare for the following day by preparing and packing lunches, preparing bottles, or organising your baby’s diaper bag. It is also essential that you put your child to bed at the same time every night to create a bedtime and give yourself enough time to unwind and rest for the next day. Have a calm and relaxing morning routine to avoid stress and chaos before you go to work. Also, be sure to spend some time bonding with your baby each morning before you go out. Where needed, delegate some responsibilities to your partner to ensure you get an extra pair of hands and avoid stress.

With these tips, balancing your home and work life has never been easier!