Mum making Money from home with Matched betting

Making Money From Home With Matched Betting

In the early days of a business it’s common for people to need another income to tide them over until the cash starts to flow. In some cases people might be running a very small business and will need a second income in the long term. One great way to make money from home around your business and family is matched betting.

Making Money from Home With Matched Betting

Matched betting is essentially a way of making guaranteed profit from the free bets offered by bookmakers. They offer them to entice people to bet but we can turn them in to profit. It’s tax free because gambling winnings aren’t taxed. It works particularly well for parents to make money from home because it can fit in around the children. You can start and stop whenever you need to and with enough time can earn up to £1000 a month.

The Nuts and Bolts of Matched Betting

Matched Betting is usually a two part process. Bookmakers will run an offer along the lines of “Bet £10 and get a £10 free bet”. First we need to place a £10 bet using our own money (this is known as the qualifying bet), however this bet isn’t a gamble because we also place a bet on the opposite outcome on the exchange, so we know that one of them will win. The Exchange is a company similar to a bookmaker who allow you to bet against outcomes as well as on them. The maths involved in calculating the exchange bet is quite complicated but we use a matched betting calculator to work it out. Due to the difference in the odds between the bookmaker and the exchange, plus the commission the exchange charge, we will make a small loss on this bet (usually around 30p – 50p on a £10 bet). We minimise this loss by finding a bet with the closest match we can between the bookmaker odds and the Exchange odds.

Once those bets have settled we are awarded a free bet by the bookmaker. To turn this in to cash that we can withdraw from our account we need to place two more bets. We place a bet at the bookmakers using our free bet and a bet at the Exchange using our own cash. It’s important that we bet the correct amount at the Bookmakers to guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome. Again, we can use a matched betting calculator to work it out. Once these bets have settled we can withdraw our cash from either the bookmaker or the Exchange depending on the outcome. We can generally make around 80% of the value of a free bet so about £8 from a £10 free bet.

Another Too Good to be True Make Money from Home opportunity?

When I fist read about Matched Betting I was wary. That was partly because it seemed to good to be true. I did my research and discovered that it’s completely legal and risk free. While there is money to be made it does involve work and definitely isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Given that so many people want to make money from home, that raises the question “Why isn’t everyone doing it?” Which also brings me to the other reason I was wary. Maths. In England, a fear of maths is almost a badge of honour. I failed my Maths GCSE the first time and had to resist it. How was I going to keep track of all of the complicated sums involved? I could only just grasp the basic concept of Matched Betting, what if I made a mistake? Luckily there is a way to make it all a lot easier. To do that I use a Matched Betting Service called Profit Accumulator.

Matched Betting Service – Profit Accumulator

The Profit Accumulator package includes a number of features to make Matched Betting simple. Firstly it gives you access to their odds matching software. The software allows you to search for close matches between the bookmaker odds and the Exchange odds. This allows you to minimise your loss on the qualifying bet and maximise your profits on the free bet. It also gives you access to the calculators you need to work out how much you need to bet. Profit Accumulator provides you with a list of offers from the bookmakers. This includes both the initial sign up offers as well as the ongoing offers you move on to later. They also offer support through phone or email as well as their forum where you can advice from experienced matched betters.

While all those things are very important, the most important thing that it provides is comprehensive training. When you first start the videos take you step by step through each bet you need to pace. When I sat down to place my first bet I still wasn’t quite sure I understood what I needed to do but the video showed me exactly. It was only once I’d worked through that first bookmaker offer that I felt confident that I understood what Matched Betting really was!

My Experience of Making Money From Home with Matched Betting

I’ve been Matched Betting for around 18 months now. My laptop is old and slow so I tend to use a combination of my iPad and phone to place my bets which works well for me. I’ve only ever done it part time and generally make between £200 and £500 a month depending how much time I spend on it. I’ve been able to use the money for lots of great things for my family. Last year we had an extra holiday to Butlins and for Christmas we went to at Gullivers Land for a Santa Sleepover. A friend of mine who I introduced to Matched Betting is using her earnings to fund a training course.

If you’re feeling inspired to give Matched Betting a go, Profit Accumulator offers a free trial from which you can make up to £45. If you want to carry on after that you can sign up for just £17.99 a month (or £150 a year). You can cancel anytime, meaning there’s no ongoing commitment. So if you want to make a quick bit of extra cash, pop over to Profit Accumulator and give it try.

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