Mums Business Inspiration: Mum publishing a magazine

Mums Business Story: Ivy Rose Interiors

Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a Mum and to whom?

My name is Alanna Dickerson. I am married to my best friend luke Dickerson and together we have 3 children, kane 5 axle 3 and ivy rose 1. Luke works on the railway as a track inspector which takes him away from home frequently, leaving me with the 3 kids.

What’s your business called?

Ivy Rose Interiors

Can you describe it in one sentence?

Handmade homeware and candles, premium products at affordable prices

When did you become a Mumpreneur and what inspired you?

After our 3rd baby, a beautiful daughter named Ivy Rose, I began to use the vinyl cutter my husband had previously purchased and become aware that I was only limited by my imagination!

How did you fund your start up?

My husband had purchased the vinyl cutter as an interest he had, and taught me how to use it. As the business grew we began to purchase different tools and machinery that we now operate with on a larger scale

How do you manage working around your children?

It is a juggling act!! Ive found the easiest way is by working at night when they are asleep or juggling their activities to coincide with my own. Each day is different with unique challenges, like any household with small children

Can you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done, how do you manage your time?

My children are early risers so my day generally starts quite early, around 6am. We have breakfasts, getting ready for school, packing lunches, house duties, after school activities, animals to care, and any orders or new products I have to launch.

What challenges have you faced in your business and how have you overcome them?

I feel that my biggest challenge has definitely been time management. I rarely feel that there is enough time in the day to accomplish what id like to get done, but having goals and a great support system helps quite a lot!

What’s the best thing about being Mumpreneur?

The satisfaction I feel for creating something unique and marketable. I feel very humbled that my products have been so successful. Creating a small business where I can be with my children is a wonderful blessing that I feel very grateful for.

What are your plans for the future?

We have new products to launch and more lovely customers to meet and share our gorgeous items with!

What advice would you give for someone just starting out in business?

To not give in when it seems too hard. To endure the hard days as they make the better days feel even more fabulous!! And to have faith in yourself and what you are doing!