Help Your Office Make The Best Impression

The first impression that you make in your business is a big deal. It sets the tone for the conversations immediately following. Just as you would make sure that you’re not inappropriately dressed or acting too casually, you want to make sure that your physical office also carries with it the kind of appeal to make that right first impression. Here are a few ways to do that.


Clean is key

Having the best office space possible for your business is one thing, but you have to make sure that it’s kept up to standard as well. If there’s mess and clutter, if it looks or feels unclean, or if there is a bad smell about the office, you need to solve it as quickly as possible. Working with a commercial cleaning team can remove a lot of the work from this step, but you should make it part of your policy that employees have to maintain the spaces they use, as well.


Give the same focus to the exterior

The cleanliness of the office doesn’t just apply to inside the building. Your office has an exterior and it is what most clients or visitors are actually going to be seeing first. For that reason, make sure it’s gleaming with touches like commercial window cleaning services.

A service like Gutter Cleaning St Louis can keep your guttering clear to avoid unsightly stains on the exterior of your building as well as avoiding damage to the fabric of the building in the long term.

Regular power washing for exterior cladding and walkways can help keep them looking at their most professional, too.


It goes for your greenery, as well

Aside from the architectural features of the building’s exterior, you should make sure that you take a closer look at any grass, bushes, trees, or other plants around the office. To keep them visually appealing means giving them the care that they need. This might mean finding out how to care for specific plants or it might just mean working with a team of gardening professionals to keep everything neat and tidy.


Make it look like the home of the business

Aside from being the place where you physically keep the people and assets important to your business, the office should feel like the nerve centre of the brand, as well. To that end, incorporating branded decor, such as having the logo on the walls, on carpets, on stained glass and the like can make it feel so much more professional and offers the brand name a little bit of prestige, as well.


Welcome visitors to your office

You should make sure that anyone arriving as a guest to your office feels like they are, indeed, very welcome. To that end, creating a welcome and reception area can make a big difference if you get visitors regularly. You don’t want to keep them waiting long, but a few comfortable seats, some magazines to peruse and even some free coffee on offer can make a big impression.

Your office, just like every other part of your business, can be a valuable resource if you’re just willing to use it as such. Hopefully, the tips above can give you a few ideas on how to do that.