5 Tedious Office Tasks Worth Outsourcing

Some office tasks can be dull and time-consuming, but necessary. By outsourcing these tasks you can make sure that they’re taken care of while freeing up time and energy to focus on more exciting and rewarding tasks. Below are a few examples of the tedious office tasks that you can outsource.


Keeping a record of all your earnings and expenses is essential for when you have to pay tax returns. However, it can be time-consuming work for many businesses. Rather than doing all your bookkeeping in house, you could find it more useful to outsource an accountant. Even simply hiring an accountant to handle your tax return can save time, as well as ensuring that it is done accurately and in an organised manner.

Cleaning your office

It’s important to keep your office clean so that it is presentable and hygienic. Of course, cleaning can be tedious work and it can be difficult to find the time to do it regularly on top of other office tasks. Outsourcing a cleaning company to do your office cleaning can liberate you of this task. Some offices hire cleaners on a weekly or even daily basis, while others may simply hire cleaners to carry out deep cleans every so often. 


Answering the phone

Many businesses get a lot of incoming calls. Phone calls can be a nuisance because, although they can often be important, they can often end up interrupting other tasks. Having to constantly postpone tasks to answer the phone can negatively affect productivity, which is why it can often be valuable to outsource answering the phone. There are virtual receptionists who can take over this task, reporting any important information to you afterwards via email and passing on only the most urgent phone calls, so that you’re not constantly dropping tasks to answer the phone.


DIGITISING paper documents

More companies are starting to go paperless in order to save space, improve organisation and save money on printing. For companies with large amounts of old paper records, this often means scanning all of these paper documents in order to make digital copies. This can be a long-winded task. Fortunately, there are bulk scanning companies out there that can do all of this scanning work for you. Outsourcing one of these companies could reduce time spent having to scan documents yourself so that you can more easily transition to a paperless office.

Writing legal contracts

While there are many copywriting tasks that you can do yourself, legal writing is one that is almost always better left to professionals. Wording is very important when creating contracts and terms and conditions – use the wrong wording and your contract could be misconstrued and used against you in a court battle. Outsourcing legal writers can ensure that your contracts are as legally tight as they can be.