Stressed woman working from home on a laptop in the dark

Reducing the Stress That Comes From Working at Home

Working from home can cause more stress than you might imagine. There are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder when you work without a manager looking over your shoulder, and you need to be relatively self-disciplined if you want to make use of your time and actually get work done. Stress can kill our productivity and it can ruin our day, but with most of us working from home due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, it’s become increasingly important to find ways to keep ourselves motivated at home. Also, it’s important to keep ourselves feeling positive. It’s very easy to become overly anxious at a time like this, which is why herbal remedies such as CBD and Kratom (possibly sourced from are so widely used to combat this. Once your anxiety is under control, you can totally focus on feeling motivated!

So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can reduce some of the common stress factors that come with working from home.

Create some structure

The first and arguably most important task is to create some structure. Since you’re working from home, you might be tempted to work fewer hours or work in the evening when you don’t normally work. Some people might even try to cram their work into the hours before lunch so they have the rest of the day free. Ideally, you’ll want to create a regular structure like you had when you were working a regular day job. This will help your body adjust to the schedule so you feel more productive during certain hours.


Improving your work environment

It’s also a good idea to improve your work environment. Make sure you get yourself a comfortable chair and desk so that your posture is good and you’re not straining yourself to work. You’ll also want to invest in a pair of cheap glasses if you suffer from eye strain when working. Also, make sure you designate a certain part of your home or room to work so that you can train your mind to be in “work” mode when you sit down.

You should also consider, do you need WiFi boosters? Working from home with a poor WiFi connection is super stressful so if you’re struggling, consider investing in boosters.


Switch up your work environment

Alternatively, you could also set up a work environment somewhere else. For example, you could consider co-working spaces, a friend’s house or even a quiet local coffee shop. The act of commuting to this work place can sometimes help us get into a productive work mood and shaking up the scenery can be a great way to stay focused. It’s also a great way to surround yourself with other productive people to make it feel more like a working environment.


Coping with distractions

There are many different distractions to deal with when you start working from home. Whether it’s your kids asking you for things, the dog barking or even your phone going off. Practice discipline by avoiding these distractions. Turn off your phone, try to keep the TV and radio off when you work, and consider locking yourself in a study for a couple of hours to try and avoid any potential distractions.

Hopefully, this article has shown you a couple of handy ways to reduce stress at home. One of the key aspects is staying more organized so that your mind is focused and spends less time wandering. Once you have solid goals in mind, you’ll find it much easier to get work done and avoid distractions.