Review: Business Start up 2016

If you’re thinking about launching your business in 2016 The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2016: The Most Comprehensive Annually Updated Guide for Entrepreneurs (The FT Guides)
The Finincial Times Guide to Business Start up 2016 is a great place to start. If you’re new to business then it covers all of the basics and even includes a chapter on starting smaller businesses as opposed to full time ones.

Getting started

The book opens with a chapter on exploring your ideas which is great if you haven’t settled on one thing yet. It then encourages you to consider who your customers would be and how you might reach them.
One of the most useful features is the chapter “Are you sure?” Which helps you identify potential problems you might face in running your business.

The nuts and bolts

The book contains all the information on the legalities of setting up the business as well as other legal issues such as copyright, trade marks, insurance and franchises.
While the book does contain information on Finincial record keeping and Tax, it tries to cover such a wide area that it only touches the service and you may need to look elsewhere for more detailed information (we’ll be reviewing a great book to help you with that soon).


The book offers some great information on choosing your business name and branding. It also offers a summary of the different methods of marketing. These are useful as you can decide which methods would be right for your business before researching them further.


This book is a great starting point for planning the launch of your business and will give you a good overview of the different things you’ll need to consider. Look out for our future reviews of books that will offer you more in depth information on different areas.