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Rewarding Your Loyal Customers Most Of All

Many loyal customers can often feel somewhat put out if you’re continually trying to appeal to a new audience without factoring in their loyalty. If someone repeatedly uses your firm, that’s a great compliment, and it’s worth trying to keep those people around. They are already sold on what you have to offer, and so giving them a little more to show your appreciation from time to time can be important.

For example, consider the owner of a bar. From time to time the owner may offer a drink on the house for someone who regularly visits, as a thank you for being their patron. A gesture of goodwill like this can ensure a recommendation from someone else, may make certain future patronage, and is a nice, two-way measure of going about things.

But more than a free drink from time to time, how can you reward your loyal customers most of all, perhaps in a more structured manner than this? This is perfectly possible, you only need consider some of the following advice:


Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a great way of helping you not only reward your customers, but to give them something material in doing so. When they have a card provided by the ID Card Centre https://www.idcardcentre.co.uk/Plastic-Card-Printing in their wallet or phone case, they will be more likely to keep it there, reminding themselves to use your store first. These items can also help you allot certain redeemable points per purchase, or log activity with their account, or apply credits or discounts to their card first and foremost. A physical item such as this can help them feel part of an exclusive club – and that makes a difference.


Personal Discounts

Personal discounts can be a great offer, but they can also work on your terms. Perhaps someone has purchased five clothing items for you in the past month, which may prompt you to offer them something free up to a certain currency amount with their next purchase. Not only does this build goodwill, but it gives them another reason to enter your store and continue their business, feeling a sense of exclusivity this time. You’d be surprised how well measures like this can work.


Personal Thanks

Have you thought about giving personal thanks? Sure, it would be unlikely for Tim Cook to thank someone personally for purchasing Apple products, but they may do from time to time. Even Bill Gates has been caught sending secret Santa gifts through platforms such as Reddit. Personal thanks matter and they are important, and as a small business, you are equipped to do this. A gift basket, or simply shaking someone’s hand and thanking them for using your services, or going the extra mile from time to time to help them get the service they need is important. It can also be the most effective measure on this list, although a combination of all three can be very powerful indeed.

With this advice, you are certain to reward your loyal customers most of all. They deserve it.

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