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5 Ways Running a Business Beats Working When You’re a Mum

Running a business verses working for someone else. Here’s the 5 reasons that I think running a business beats having a boss any day of the week.

Running a business has more Flexibility

Flexibility is probably the main reason that Mums end up running rather than returning to employment. The sort of work available that will fit around parenting is often low paid and not very exciting. Self employment can be a better option. When they are babies, you can work while they’re sleeping. When they’re preschoolers you can work during that wonderful 15 hours of funded childcare (which seems a real luxury when you’re used to working during the 30 minutes a day your toddler considers sufficient for a nap). Once they’re at school you can fit your work in to a 9-3pm day. If you’re employed you’re relying on breakfast and after school clubs to fill in the gaps. You can also attend all of the school events (we seem to average one a week at the moment) Plus you can be there for them when they aren’t well without having to negotiate with anyone.

Time away from your children is more rewarding

Family time is precious. When I went back to work after my son was born I remember thinking that I wanted my time away from him to be more rewarding. As a parent, you get very little time to yourself. I realised that if I was running a business that I loved, my work would feel like “me time”. The theory was proved right when I started my own business after having my daughter. Often, the only work that Mums can fit around their children, is low skilled and low paying. Starting a business can be a way for Mums to work part time while using their skills and gaining job satisfaction.

Setting an example

I ne’er really considered myself much of a feminist until I had my daughter. I’m of the generation that grew up with a female prime minister. I think that meant I assumed that women could do whatever they wanted. It’s only now that I’m faced with the idea of my daughter going out in to the world that I feel concerned about societies expectations of women. By running my own business I feel that I’m helping to show my children that they can follow their dreams.

You have Lower personal expenses when running a businesS

When you’re in the workplace you need to dress appropriately. You often end up buying your lunch, you probably need to pay to commute. Not to mention contributing to leaving gifts and the lottery syndicate you dare not miss in case it wins. If you’re running your own business you can probably avoid most, if not all of these, although you might still want to treat yourself to lunch once in a while.

Choose who you spend your time with

One if the things I love the most about self employment is not having to deal with office (or in my case, library) politics. You may love some of your colleagues but there are sure to be some that you’re not keen on. Then there’s the boss. I’ve had some great ones, and I’ve had some awful ones but overall, I’m the best boss I’ve ever had. Once your self employed it’s really up to you whose company you keep. Just try and make sure you do get some (either through Networking groups or more generally having a social life) as being self employed can be isolating.

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5 ways running a business beats working when you’re a mum