Running A Full Time Business On Part Time Hours (Ideal Business Ideas For The Busy Mum)

Let’s face it, being a mum is a full-time job in itself. Although, not everyone can quit working to take care of their family. After all, nappies (and the rest) are expensive. Fortunately, some businesses can be mostly run from the comfort of your own home and used to generate an income. Read on to find out what they are.


Selling digital products


To sell digital products from home, you will need the tools to create them. This usually means a computer, and sometimes a table, camera, or specific software will also be needed. One of the best things about choosing to sell digital products is that they work on selling many units at a lower-priced model. The thing is, you will only need to create your product once, something that can be done to your time scale, and then you can sell it over and over again, therefore generating a passive income that can continue to grow.


Investing in crypto

If you are looking for high returns compared to a relatively low amount of time involved in the process of work, investing in crypto is a great choice. This is because successful investors rarely spend the whole day online. Indeed, most limit their trading to a few hours in the morning when the markets open.


Of course, to be successful in crypto investing you will need to educate yourself about the risks and the terms and processes involved. For example, if you see the term trade ETH it refers to buying or selling Ethereum, a type of crypto coin. Researching bull and bear markets will be helpful too, as will making sure you grasp the way that blockchains work, as this is the security process on which crypto trading is based.


Leasing a property


Unless you plan to buy a property that needs lots of renovation, leasing a home or holiday let could be a very low time option for busy mums. Indeed, most properties will only require occasional visits and paperwork such as securing insurance. You can even get a management company to care for advertising and finding renters for you. Although, of course, to choose this option you will need capital to invest in the first place.

Content writing

Last of all, for busy mums looking for a way to generate an income, content writing may be the perfect solution. Indeed, the benefit of this option is that it can be done from home with relatively little investment. If you are working for yourself all you will need is a computer, a website, and some grammar-checking software.


Also, by taking the time to build up your client base you can charge enough which means you won’t have to spend a full 8 hours tapping away at your keyboard every day. Therefore leaving you with plenty of time to spend with the kids. Another advantage of content writing is that as long as you are well organised you can work to your schedule which means you can grab some time in the evenings or during nap time to get the work done.