Should You Use An Agency Or Recruit Inhouse?

Recruiting for your business has a significant impact on its success, you want to hire the right people and ideally you want to get it right first time and have a team that you can work with and who can help you grow your company. There are many benefits to doing your own recruitment in-house, but there are also many benefits to outsourcing and getting a recruitment company to do it for you…so which option is right for you? 

Why You Should Recruit In-house:

You Know Your Business 

You live and breathe your organisation, so you know who is going to fit in, who you can imagine filling in that role and the type of person you need and want for it. Recruiters can’t possibly know this information as well as you. 


Recruiters Can Complicate Things

When you’re ready to offer someone the role, recruiters can make the process more complicated than it needs to be as you can’t just go to the candidate directly when at this stage, that is what you will want to do.


It Saves Money

You have to pay a recruitment agency and while If you want to do it well, you should be prepared to spend a similar amount of money on making your in-house recruitment work for you, but you will save money if you do it yourself. .


You’re More Likely To Find The Right Person

Providing you have done some decent research and have got yourself access to good candidates, recruiting in-house means that you’re more likely to find a person who’ll be a perfect fit for your business.  


It Develops Your Skillset

Whether it’s you doing the recruiting or someone else within the business, doing it in-house resources means that you will develop a new set of skills, you will learn from your mistakes, learn from different candidates and therefore will learn how to hire the best people for yourself.


Why You Should Get An Agency:


They Know The Market 

Recruiting is what an agency does every day, they know who’s who and what’s what and they will probably have existing relationships with some great candidates. An experienced recruiter like DSC Personnel will also know salary expectations and things like when it’s a good or bad time to hire. They should have more information than you do about the market you’re hiring in.


It Can Be Quicker

You’ve already got a job to do, so going through a load of CVs and trying to find times for interviews can take a lot of time. It is an agency’s job to do this; they can shortlist for you and sort the wheat from the chaff.  Plus, if you have a recruiter with existing relationships and applicants at the ready, then they can move much more quickly than your organisation will.

It’s important to think about how senior or junior a role is because if it’s a more junior role, then it’s more likely you can recruit yourself, However if you’re looking to fill a more senior role then there’s more riding on making the right hire, so you may want to look to help from a recruitment agency.

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