Hi there! I’m Sarah Barrett mum to Josh 15, Jasmin 8 and Emily 6.
My business is called Lingotasic, we teach languages to little one with their parents.

We launched our first class in January 2014. Prior to this we set up our social media and ran a few trial classes in local libraries in the months leading up to launch.

We are a bilingual (German and English) family. We’ve taught our children German and English by playing, singing, reading and having fun.

I enjoyed the start up but it was a lot of hard work. My family were very much involved from the start with designing logos and flyers and translating songs together.

The classes are mainly when my children are in school. I do work in the evening when the kids are in bed. The difficulties are when the kids are are ill.

On a typical day I get my kids ready for school. I pack up the car with equipment for my class. I take the kids to school and then head off to set up the class. The class runs till about 11 then I clear up. After the class I often head home to put out the washing, check emails, and whatever else needs doing. I pick the girls up at 3pm. I make the tea, do homework with my little ones. Get them to bed and get onto social media to market and network.

I find marketing the most difficult thing about my business. My class is quite niche so it has been tricky to target the mums who see the value of the class. I love that I can run a business using my unique skills and abilies.

Our plans for the future include launching our German CD and launching a new lunchtime class in local school, in addition to the four mums and tots classes running each week.

I would advise Mums just staring out to enjoy the journey, find others who are walking the same journey as you. Accept all the help you can.

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