Recruitment Business

What was the business

Recruitment business

How long did you run it for

1 year, working from home by myself whilst I was going through IVF and pregnancy.

What do you think went wrong

To be honest, I think I thought – “I could do that” having worked in the industry for so long and thought it would be a doddle. In reality, it was really hard! I was working on my own, and sometimes apart from being on the phone to clients, I didn’t speak to anyone else all day. So when things were going great, I didn’t have anyone to bounce off and when it was hard, there was no one to keep me motivated and upbeat.
It just wasn’t me and as such when I finished maternity leave, I decided to go back into an office environment to have human interaction!

What did you learn from it

I learned a lot about me and how I work. I’m more self aware of how to get the best out of myself. I realised that I enjoy interacting and talking to people who are determined to get to where they want to be in life. I don’t see it as a failure – I see it as a success. It got me to the point I am now in my life so it was an experience I was meant to have!

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