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The Benefits of Outsourcing for Amazon Sellers

When it comes to boosting your Amazon business, you want to be putting in as much effort as you can in the right places. You want to build a stellar reputation and stand out above the competition. But can you really do it all yourself? Or should you do it all yourself?

Outsourcing is an often overlooked area when it comes to small businesses and Amazon sellers. But honestly, you could be doing yourself a disservice by dismissing outsourcing? Have a look at 3 ways outsourcing could help you boost your Amazon sales.



Hiring an SEO company such as Herdl can help you market your products in a way that not only hits the top spot on Amazon but also in search engine results. By creating listings that are SEO friendly can help you reach the top page constantly in search engines for your product. This is essentially a 24/7 marketing campaign that keeps you top and centre in related searches for what you are selling. If you have a marketing campaign, you definitely need to be considering the value that SEO can add to it.


Headings and Listings

Do you struggle with how to come up with catchy titles and descriptions? Then it may be worth your while looking into hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to help you create titles and or copy for your listings. A VA can also help you categorise your listings and optimise the details, product specifications and images as per Amazon’s guidelines. This can be time-consuming so paying a VA to take care of some or all of this for you could not only free up your time but also help you boost your sales too thanks to better titles and descriptions.



Pictures are a big part of an Amazon listing and you want to be showing off your product in the best light. So hiring a professional photographer to help you shoot the perfect images for your product could give you the edge in your listings via eye-catching images.

Engage the services of a professional e-commerce photographer to help you create images that deliver on the description and show off your product in the right way.


Customer Services Support

Answering phone calls and emails is an essential part of any business, not just Amazon sellers. You need to build a good reputation but you can also lose yourself to engaging in good customer service.

When to employ someone to take care of all your customer service needs for you. Discuss queries, reply to complaints and reviews and chase up missing or damaged products are all tasks you can outsource to a third party, Remaining professional at all times and boosting seller ratings is something you can achieve consistently without losing your life to this part of your business.

Hire a reputable customer service support company who not only has experience in this kind of work but also can deliver on what you need, day in, day out.