Tips for Sanitizing Your Home Office

Since the pandemic, people are now more conscious than ever about keeping areas sanitized. If you are currently working from home and have created a home office for yourself, you may be concerned about how you can keep everything clean even if you are the only person that uses the office.

There are some simple sanitization measures that you can put in place that will help you make your home office clean and safe. 


Keep Your Phone Clean

You will undoubtedly be using your phone to do business and because you have to touch it constantly while in your home office it can become contaminated quite easily. The same can be said for your traditional desk phones.

The key thing to remember when cleaning phones is that you do not want water to get into the ports or nooks on the phone. It is best to use cleaning wipes to decontaminate the phone. Never spray chemicals directly on a smartphone or a desk phone.


Keep Your Keyboard Clean

If you work at your computer constantly chances are that your keyboard is one of the most contaminated things in the room. You cannot apply liquid to clean it, so the best thing to do is to start cleaning crumbs from hard-to-reach areas.

You can do this by using a cotton swab or buy a cleaner that is specifically designed to blow out dust from your keyboard. After that, you can wipe it off with some cleaning wipes.


Clean Up Your Cables

If you are frequently charging devices such as your laptop, your phone, or your tablet then your charging cables may be contaminated. You can use cleaning wipes to remove germs. Another alternative is to put some sanitizer from your hand sanitizer holder on a cotton ball and begin cleaning your cables.

Be sure to stay away from the connector ends of these cables, just clean the parts that you touch on a regular basis. This almost always includes the length of the chord. 


Sanitize Accessories

Some of the most contaminated accessories in your home office are your mouse pad, your USB thumb drive, and your computer mouse itself. Make sure that you unplug all of these devices before you attempt to clean them.

Using liquid is out of the question, so use sanitary wipes to clean these. If your sanitary wipes are on the wetter side then try to squeeze out some of the moisture before you attempt to clean these sensitive accessories.


Clean Up

The items discussed in this article are probably items that you use every single day. While there are usually more obvious areas that you should clean, such as the floor and your desk, cleaning the items listed here may sometimes slip your mind.

It is important to remember that the more you sanitize your hand, the cleaner the items mentioned here will be. This is why it is important to organize your home office so that you either have a hand sanitizing station or sanitizer close by at all times.