Ways To Separate Work From Personal Life

It is no secret that working from home and taking care of kids has become every parent’s worst nightmare. 

Picture this: you wake to the sound of one of your children asking for breakfast, knowing that an online meeting starts in less than half an hour, but you haven’t prepared, and to top it all off, you never went grocery shopping after last night’s hectic work schedule. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Constant headaches
  • Bad attitude in the morning
  • Turning forgetful
  • Stressed out
  • Overwhelmed by work and personal life
  • Falling behind deadlines


If that is you, it’s time to gain perspective. No parent has an easy job, that is expected. However, there are ways to ease the workload and draw the line between work and personal. 


Establish A Working Space

You can’t expect to deliver your boss results by working from the kitchen. The kitchen is where you cook, eat, and enjoy meals. When you put yourself in a space that your children frequent, where noises interrupt the flow of thought, and any spill could ruin a day’s worth of work, the kitchen becomes your worst enemy. 

It’s simply a mess. 

Avoid the above and find a room or area where work doesn’t interfere with personal activities. If you worked at a desk job before working from home, invest in a small desk, a desk lamp, and a comfortable chair. 


Your Personal Space

Just like you need a designated and consistent area for work, your personal space is also important. 

Reserving your personal space is much easier. It can be the couch right in front of the TV screen, your bedroom, the playroom you arranged for your younglings, working with Industrial embroidery machines as a side hobby, or your backyard. 

No matter the personal space you choose, make it your own. Make it a spot that you meditate, work out, pray, eat, sit around and relax. 


Work & Personal Checklist

It cannot be overstated. Make a checklist. Know what your day should look like in both spheres; the personal and work life. 

Ensure you schedule a self-care day, the day of the week you’ll be the busiest, and the peak hours where you will need quiet time. 

Recording this will give you an idea of when you need to be in your work or personal space so you dedicate a few of your free time to your kids. 

Don’t forget. You are both a parent and a worker. The separate checklists might look something like this:


Personal Life                                Work Life

-Meal prep                                      -Two online meetings       

-Take kids to school                   -Finish proposal

-Laundry day                                   -Practice the presentation

-Help kids with homework        -Give coworker a doc of feedback


Learn What Matters Most

What change do you want to bring to your life? The work and personal environment are tough arenas to separate, but when you do, you are choosing to prioritize a healthier mental state and a more productive way of life.