What I Wish People Knew about Being a Mum with a Business

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about what it’s like to be a Mum “running a little business”. In truth, even if the business is little, being a mum with a business is still really hard work. Here are the things I wish people knew about being a work at home mum.

My business is not a cover story for sitting at home watching daytime TV

In fact it’s far closer to the truth to say I started the business so that day time TV wouldn’t turn my brain to mush. That’s not to say I don’t catch up with the odd bit of cable TV while I’m eating my lunch or doing boring admin tasks.

I work on my business ALL the time.

Even though my children are at school and preschool now so I have most daytimes to myself I still work on my business ALL the time. In the evenings, at the weekends, when the kids are in the softplay. Even while I’m having my cup of tea in the morning. It’s great to have flexibility but being self employed also tends to be all consuming.

When you see me looking at my phone at the park I’m not on Facebook, I’m making money to pay our bills

I’m not a helicopter parent and generally leave my kids to it at the park. That would be the case weather I was a stating at home, working or a Mum with a business. Because I am a Mum with a business I get a bit of work done on my phone while they play, however I always feel like I’m being judged for it.

I’m not just playing at running a business

My business is my job, not my hobby. I may love it but I wouldn’t do it for free. I run a business to contribute to our family finances in a way that allows me to be there for my children and I consider myself very lucky to be able to so.

Being a work at home mum is hard

Being a parent is hard, no matter what the circumstances, so adding anything else into the mix will always make it harder. I’m home all day, so I’m responsible for all of the cleaning, tidying and household Managament. I’m responsible for making sure the kids are clean fed and clothed, are where they need to be, with everything they need to take. I’m also responsible for making my business a success, which, given the opportunity, I could easily work on full time. Instead I have to squeeze all my roles into the time I have, including trying to find time for self care.

I’d love to hear what you’d like people to know about being a Mum with a business, do people appreciate what you do or think you spend your days on the sofa watching This Morning?

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