Work From Home: Could You Become An Influencer?

In 1993 the web became a public entity, and just one year later, the first blog was born. was the brainchild of Justin Hall. A young college student who had been reading about the internet since 1991. The early blogs made it clear that blogging in the ’90s was quite a complicated affair. However, over the next decade, blogging became a global hit, and by 2005 the internet had its first-ever Vlog ‘Me At The Zoo’ by Jawed Karim. 

These three events lead us to the world we are in today. Where almost everything is available online, they created a path for social media and eventually delivered us a new phenomenon, the Influencer. A person who has incredible communication skills and is a savvy content builder who can inspire and engage an audience. Influencers are used by a variety of brands to help sell products or services to the consumer, and there is no sign that this industry is going anywhere soon.

Working from home and the rise of the momtrepreneur has seen many parents balance bringing up their children alongside a career. While it’s a hard balance to maintain it is achievable in today’s digital world. So, if you have been thinking about creating an income while bringing up your kids, could you build yourself a niche in the world of influencing?

It may seem like a pipe dream or a job that is only available for the young and wild at heart. However, there is an abundance of brands who sell childcare products, children’s toys and educational products. Not to mention the beauty companies that focus products on women over thirty. If you can build a strong brand around yourself, then you could get paid to promote products and use your practical experience of being a mum to connect and engage with a target market. 

Getting starting is relatively simple. You need a camera, a stabiliser and a microphone. Having access to a computer and editing software will help you create a more professional look to your video content, and you might want to consider an IT service too. However, you can start with your smartphone and editing apps. 

You need to find your audience so engage with lots of other mums online and join Facebook groups too, and you need your personality to come across. Start making a few videos about things you are passionate about. That makes motherhood easier for you. Or that helps you to relax or look good on the school run. Try to find a niche and create your brand around that. 

Once you have some content on your social sites and an engaged audience, start to pitch out to companies you would like to work with. You may only get product samples sent to you at first, but if your engagement level is strong and your content is of high quality, then you might find yourself being paid for making content. 

It is possible in today’s world to make money out of what you do on a daily basis. You just need to be passionate and innovative.