7 Reasons Mums Never Have Enough Time

Before I had children I had no idea what parent life would be like, I had vague ideas about spending my days baking and reading while my baby played happily at my feet. Obviously I now know that life as a mum is very much not like that and I will never have enough time to bake or read a book in peace. Ever heard a Mum say “I’ve got so much time on my hands, I really don’t know what to do with it” No? Not surprised, here are 7 reasons why.

All the Eating – It doesn’t occur to you before you have kids they they need to eat 3 meals a day, EVERY DAY and, you have to make ALL OF THEM! Not to mention providing on demand snacks every ten minutes. How am I supposed to do everything when I am always preparing food?

Life admin – Doctors appointments, bill paying, eye tests, dentist visits. Life admin is a massive time suck and it just gets worse when you have to add school admin into the mix. Unfortunately, this life admin isn’t just mine and the kids. I also seem to be responsible for the “house admin” and the “husband admin”

Activities – When I was a kid, my mum just told me to go out and play. These days our kids have carefully curated social lives with scheduled play dates, clubs, sports and the horror that is swimming lessons. I am required to not on,y plan these things but act as a taxi driver to get them there, not to mention the hours I spend watching them trying not to drown learning to swim while the sweat from the overheated pool drips off my nose.

Pets – If you haven’t yet got a pet and would rather not add another time suck to your day I recommend a firm “no” to the puppy dog eyes begging for a puppy. Not only do they need feeding and walking multiple times a day, they also add “pet admin” with vet appointments, vaccinations and trips across town to buy the ONLY food they will eat.

Cleaning – Turns our that children are filthy creatures. My cleaning standards are pretty low but even I’m horrified by the mess they make. As soon as I’ve hoovered they are walking mud in from the garden, as soon as I’ve cleaned the bathroom, they are smearing toothpaste all over and as soon as I’ve washed clothes, they wear them again!

They want me to play with them – This is my worst nightmare. When I hear the words “Mummy, please play with me” all of the above jobs suddenly seem really appealing. I am a person who likes to feel productive and, much as I know that okay is very important for children, for me I can’t help feeling like it’s time I could be using to get all of the other jobs done.

Volunteering – You may have heard the phrase, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”. It’s definitely true. I am involved in the school PTA and the local group. Why? Because they asked and I am that busy person. 

So, those are the 7 reasons that Mums have no time for self care. Having said all of that, I highly encourage you to try and make time. After all, if you collapse from exhaustion, who is going to supply all the snacks?

7 reasons mums never have enough time