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How to Make Your Blog Profitable


It isn’t easy to earn money from blogging, that much is clear, however, if you know what is possible and you implement a variety of strategies, not just one or the other; the chances of earning a reasonable income are actually quite high. In this article we dive into some of the best ways to monetize your blog this year and bring in some money for your writing efforts. 


Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the practice of partnering with an online business or retailer, such as hotel bathrobes. If your blog has a sufficient number of followers you might successfully apply to several affiliate partner programs depending on your niche. It will be your job to promote certain products on your blog that link through to the affiliate partner. If the user makes a purchase your will receive a commission.  

This is probably the best and most profitable way to earn money from your blog. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge and you can earn money from sales without the need to ship them or stock them. Before being accepted to an affiliate program, however, you will need to have a sufficient following, so get blogging. Finally, it’s important to note that the more expensive a product is the more commission you will make, so choose your partner wisely. 



Advertising is the way most businesses and individuals earn money from the Internet and you can too, if you have a blog with a reasonable following. The way it works is you sell some space on your blog for advertising and Google Ads sets you up with company ads relevant to your niche. Like affiliate marketing, this can be a good way of generating some passive income. But it isn’t as lucrative as affiliate marketing. 

There are, however, certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled for selling ad space, similar to affiliate marketing. You will first need to have a good niche. Something like recipes, home businesses, fashion, or news work well. Ideally advertisers will be looking for high traffic niches. You will also need to have a good number of followers and be able to offer prominent ad space on your blog. If you think you tick these boxes you can easily monetize your blog. 



After you have blogged in your niche for a while you will have built up some expertise and authority in your niche area. This not only strengthens the quality of your blog posts, it also offers further opportunities to earn money. You probably have several topics you blog about often that could be consolidated into an ebook. If you do this you should consider holding some valuable features back to include as USPs. 

Writing an associated ebook for your blog is an excellent idea for promoting your blog and monetizing it. An ebook can be a hub for your blog containing the best information you have on a range of topics. Like blog posts, ebooks can also be creatively extended to make use of your knowledge under different headlines. When you have written your ebook, publish it and market it extensively on social media and with guest blog posts. 



The Internet is changing as we move into the new year, the trends over the last twelve months have been in favor of more video and interactive content, which makes you think about what additional content you could add to your blog. A podcast is one such medium that not only provides value to your audience but can increase your visibility online and earn you money simultaneously. 

By the time you start thinking about a podcast your blog will have a dedicated following interested in what you have to say. Moreover, you will have a strong knowledge of your subject and be able to talk informatively about it. It goes without saying you will also have to be entertaining and compelling, something that should come naturally to you as a blogger. A podcast may not earn you money directly but it will increase your traffic and support your SEO. 


Your Services 

Once you have explored the ideas above for monetizing your blog the final thing you can offer is your services either through an online workshop or as a consultant. This is potentially an excellent earner for both active and passive income. Of course, as a mom, you may not have time to undertake this work extensively but it’s worth considering. 

Brainstorm your niche and think of ways you can offer value to people through an online course or consultation. You might have useful knowledge on how to monetize your online presence, how to create good SEO, or how to write for an online audience. These are skills many people are looking for these days and are willing to pay for your experienced guidance.  

Parent bloggers

Why Becoming Parent Bloggers is a Popular Choice for Mums Who Want to Work from Home

In terms of career choice, blogger is relatively recent addition to our options. Bloggers have been around since the early days of the internet. They started out as simply an online version of the paper journals many people used to keep and it’s only in the last 10 years or so that people have really started to make money from it. Parent bloggers are one of the largest groups of bloggers, here are some of the reasons that blogging attracts them.


Low Entry Barriers

These days, it’s very easy to start a blog. You don’t need to know any coding or have more technical skills than it takes to use a word processor and the internet. There are lots of platforms around, like WordPress, Blogger and Square Space, where you can start a blog and be online in less than an hour.

Blogging also has little or no costs associated with it when you first start. Even if you choose to buy your own domain name, and host your own site, you could spend less than £100 in the first year.


Parent Bloggers have Flexibility 

This is obviously one of the huge benefits for parents who need to fit their work around children, especially younger ones. You can blog in the evenings, while they nap, while they’re in the soft play or while they’re at school. 

This flexibility does come at a cost though. Blogging can easily take over your life. It takes time to build a blog and it’s easy to end up spending every spare moment on it. Once you start to get paid work, you’ll also have deadlines to meet and that can be tricky if your children are also demanding your time.


We’re often sharing our lives anyway

In the age of social media, many of us spend a lot of time sharing our lives online anyway. Social media is a huge part of blogging and so can feel like a natural extension of it. It’s important to bear in mind that what we share will be in the public domain forever. When they first start, every blogger has to decide how much information they are comfortable putting out there. Some people are happy to share images, names and town, others give their children nicknames for the blog and only share photos of them from behind. Ultimately there is no right choice, you just have to decide what you’ve comfortable with.


A Creative Outlet

Parenting may be very rewarding but it can also be really tedious. If you are used to working full time and having your work recognised, it can be hard to adjust to spending your days at home, changing nappies. Most bloggers have always had an interest in writing and enjoy the chance to express themselves through their blog. 

For some bloggers, photography is key to their blog and that’s where their passion lays. Whatever topic you care about, a blog can provide you with a way to keep that passion alive and share it with others.


A Sense of Community

While some women are lucky and have lots of friends with babies, others aren’t. Blogging can be a great way to meet other parents who you have something other than your status as a mother in common with. The blogging world is a very friendly one where, in general people support each other and that can be a life line if you’re finding parenting a bit lonely.

If you want to work from home and enjoy writing, blogging is definitely something to consider. Building a blog from scratch is hard work and it takes before money can be made but if you love it, it’s well worth the effort. If you fancy giving blogging a go, check out this great parent bloggers course*.

This post contains affiliate links, identified with *

Founder of multiple blogs, Victoria Sully

Making a Living Running Multiple Blogs

Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a Mum and to whom?

My name is Victoria Sully, I’m married to Ben and we live in Gloucestershire with our two children.  I became a mum in 2012 and again in 2015 to Bella, currently six years old, and Reuben who recently turned four years old.   I’m a full-time blogger and I run four blogs.  I also have a few small side hustles such as website testing.  I love to make money online and always enjoy testing new ways to make my own money.  My husband Ben is an IT manager, but his passion is woodwork and creating custom built furniture which is his business in his spare time.


What’s your blog called?

I have four blogs in total.  My original and longest blog is called Lylia Rose.  I started in in April 2013 so it’s six years old.  I have a blog called Healthy Vix which I started in January 2018, Travel Vixta which I began in November 2018.  I also run the blog Wood Create with my husband and that’s around two years old.


Can you describe it in one sentence?

Lylia Rose – A UK lifestyle blog with a money angle for thoseon a mission to make and save more money

Healthy Vix – All things healthy from a plant-based diet to natural, eco-friendly living tips

Wood Create – Everything home and garden with inspiring DIY and woodwork tips

Travel Vixta – Family travel, days out and campervan adventures


When did you become a blogger and what inspired you?

I began my first blog at Lylia Rose in April 2013.  I had started the website before this, but it was originally an online store selling jewellery and fashion accessories.  This was my first business idea and I started the blog to try and get more people to my website and to hopefully get more sales.  I first started blogging about business related things to do with the shop and items I was selling, but I rediscovered my passion for writing (I always liked writing as a child, but stopped as an adult) and the blogger in me was born!

I decided to show more about the person behind the business and it quickly turned into a lifestyle blog.  After three years I managed to turn the blog itself into a business and as I am now so passionate about making money online it has changed into a lifestyle blog with a money angle.  Showing others that it’s really possible to make money from blogging and other methods at home inspires me to write.  I still love trying new ways to make money and sharing them with my readers.  It amazes me that it’s possible nowadays to make money from home and the internet, so I find this inspiring in itself.

As I love blogging and writing, and of course being able to make money from it, I set up the other blogs to not only expand my blogging business, but also to have dedicated blogs where I write about the things I am passionate about and to keep those blogs more focused.


How do you manage working around your children?

With great difficulty!  It’s definitely a challenge as I work full-time hours on my blogs and then some.  There’s also no strict routine as the workload can fluctuate greatly from one week to the next, so all of a sudden I can be totally inundated with work and deadlines and it’s just me to tackle it.  This can mean I have to work immediately when my husband gets back from work and staying up into the early hours.

My children are six and four at the moment.  My eldest is in school and youngest is at two different pre-schools.  This means I get the school day from 9-3 each day to work.  It’s never enough time though as it’s only around 5.5 hours after the school runs, plus take off a lunch break and it’s only 5 hours.  Ideally I need a full 8-9 hour working day, so at the moment I do have to continue to work when the children are in bed.  Or if I’m swamped as I mentioned above then I’ll jump straight back into work once my husband gets back from his day job.

I was regularly working at weekends, but now I really try to avoid work on Saturdays and Sundays.  I might do the odd hour here and there, or a whole day if I am really busy, but most of the time I will try and keep my blog work to Mondays to Fridays and do other side hustles at the weekends or justtake a break from trying to make money and have family time!

In the school holidays I use a local holiday club usually for four days a week, unless my husband has booked time off work.  If we do have a day together or family days out/holidays then I will keep an eye on my emails during the day and complete any work in the evenings.

If the children are ill then I have to work at home whilst they are here so I will put a film on or let them use the iPads so I can work.  Luckily most of what I do is via email and I rarely need to talk to anyone.  It’s a lot easier for emails to be interrupted than when I have to talk to someone!

Ultimately I try to have a work routine of working whilst they are at school and again when they are in bed.  I’m hoping once Reuben starts school we will make use of some after school clubs and I might be able to get more work completed in the day, or all of it.  It can be quite stressful sometimes to stop work at 3pm when I’m in the middle of conversations, emails or writing a blog post.  I really need an extra couple of hours!  It will also be great to switch off at 5pm and then not think about work until the next day like when I was employed!  Though I don’t think that ever happens when you are self-employed as I think about my business and have ideas approximately every two seconds!!


Can you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done, how do you manage your time?

Every day is different, but the bulk of my day is probably made up of emails and applying for blog work.  I get 100-200 emails and notifications a day.  I have several email discussions going on at once to arrange paid collaborations. Ialso get a lot of cold outreach emails each day which are often not suitable, but it can take some back and forth to get all the information out of a company or individual before realising it’s not even suited to me.

I also get a lot of notifications to my email inbox, so I’m rarely out of my email inbox!  I get payment notifications and also notifications from websites and Facebook about paid blog opportunities.  If these look interesting to me then I’ll click through to the websites and apply.

A lot of my day is spent searching and applying for blog work.  I search on social media for paid work opportunities and also in blog networking groups and various websites.  Some work gets snapped up quickly so I look for work every day.  I factor this into my day and spend at least one hour looking for paid work and applying.

I have payments coming in and out daily which I like to stay on top of, so a part of my day is updating spreadsheets and checking bank accounts.

The smallest part of my day is writing blog posts!  Some days I don’t write any at all, but others I could write four or five.  The admin of running a business, sourcing work and tweaking my websites takes up the bulk of my working days.

If I get paid work then I will always prioritise this and the admin can then wait!  If all my paid work and admin is up to date then I have a list of blog post ideas and I’ll write one of these.


What challenges have you faced in with your blog and how have you overcome them?

Time is always the biggest challenge.  There is never enough time to do everything and I’m always coming up with new ideas or time-consuming website tweaks!  I struggle to find enough time to do everything in the day, so I have to work every evening.  I’m hoping this challenge will be overcome once both my children are at school and we have the same childcare options for them both.

Marketing is also a big challenge.  I love to write and would love to just write blog posts all day, but when running a blog as a business, this is not practical.  Not only do I have to market myself to companies to work with me in a competitive market, but I also have to market myself to the readers of my blog and potential readers to ensure my blog does have a readership.  Again, time is a factor here.  It takes a lot of time to market a blog with so many different social media sites out there to utilise and then spend time on each one building a following there too.  I’ve not found the solution to this yet, but it’s probably a social media manager!


What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

For me it’s the freedom to create websites and write about things I am passionate about.  I love having my own space on the internet and websites I am proud of.  I love to write and express myself through writing, so it’s ideal.  Of course, turning it into my full-time career has probably been the best thing that’s come out of blogging for me.  It is challenging as a job, but it’s also very rewarding being able to make my own income.


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to build my newer blogs up with more content and increase their metrics so they can bring in more income.  It would be amazing to earn enough so my husband could leave his day job and pursue his passion in making and selling custom built furniture, whilst helping me out too!  In fact, we can help each other with each business.  I guess that’s the overall dream, to be more financially secure and continue working for myself and enabling my husband to work for himself.

What advice would you give for someone just starting out in blogging?

My advice would be to stick at it!  If you are hoping to make money from blogging then it can take time.  Everything takes time to build up – content, readership, social media channels, followings.  Nothing is instant.  Well, some people are lucky and go viral or grow really quickly, but for most of us it takes a lot of persistence and determination!

If you’re thinking about blogging or always saying you’re going to start a blog, then just do it!  If it turns out to be a passion or career, then your only regret will be not starting sooner.  You can even set up a free WordPress blog to get a taste for blogging if you’re not sure you want to commit.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

I think I’ve waffled on far too much already, so just thank you for having me!

You can find me blogging at my four blogs:

Or connect socially at:

Victoria Sully

Love chic living logo

Blogger Story: Love Chic Living by Jen Stanbrook

Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a Mum and to whom?

I’m a mum to two daughters – Ella is almost 15, Ruby is 12. Ella has Asperger’s syndrome, diagnosed aged 8, has a remarkable memory and is doing phenomenally well at school. Ruby is vibrant and energetic, a fabulous dancer with a huge heart. I live in the East Midlands with their Dad – we’ve been together for 19 years now!


What’s your blog called?

My main blog is a home interiors site called Love Chic Living. I also blog about 40+ women at Style Brief and furthermore I run, my Pinterest coaching business website and blog.


Can you describe it in one sentence?

Love Chic Living provides style and design for a family home.


When did you become a blogger and what inspired you?

I’ve been blogging for about 8 years. Initially I used to write about baby signing – I used to run a small franchise business – and loved it so much I decided to combine it with my other passion – home interiors.


How do you manage working around your children?

It’s become much easier to work around them now they are both at secondary school. I start when they leave about 8.30am and break again around 4pm. Often I do a school run, or take them to an activity so will pick up working again around 6pm when they eat.


Can you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done, how do you manage your time?

So I now spend a lot of time away from my home. For around 5 years I loved working on my own but have found myself becoming increasingly isolated so I use a coworking space, café’s and freelancer mornings to work with others. It’s been a fabulous experience.

Usually I plan out my blogs for the week and work around that. I send out a couple of newsletters per week, schedule my pins and Instagram posts and spend some time replying to emails.


What challenges have you faced in with your blog and how have you overcome them?

Challenges I’ve faced have included being hacked several times which was stressful, but moving hosts resolved that quite quickly.

Managing admin has always been tricky for me (it’s not my favourite task) so turning the business into a limited company was a great idea – it saved me tax and gave me more of a routine with my book keeping!

Keeping up with an ever demanding skill set is daunting but challenging. I love learning new skills so SEO, photography, graphic design etc have all been tasks to overcome. Some I’m better at than others!


What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

The diversity and the people. I’ve met some amazing people including other bloggers, PR agents and brands, and I love the constant changing face of the industry.


What are your plans for the future?

To continue to grow. To build more brand partnerships and to do more filming with brands. It’s a big love.


What advice would you give for someone just starting out in blogging?

Try to be yourself. Don’t measure yourself against those who’ve been blogging for a long time, it’s not a fair comparison and will steal the joy. Focus on doing what you love.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Influencers and bloggers get a bad wrap these days, but there are a huge number of valid, honest and authentic ones who have a place and platform for inspiring others. Don’t write everyone off!

If you’re interested in blogging to create an income, check out the Parent Blogger Secrets course.

Jen stanbrook

Mrs Mactivity – An Children’s Activity Blog and Subscription service

Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a Mum and to whom?

My name is Heather and I have three children – 2 boys and a girl – my oldest will be 11 in May so I guess that means I have been a mum for 11 years!  We live in Yorkshire and are very settled here, loving the mixture of countryside and city life. I must admit I am looking forward to my daughter starting school in September – she is almost 4 and very much ready for a change.

What’s your blog called?

My blog is called Mrs Mactivity – it actually also doubles as a primary resources subscription site, but I definitely view myself as a blogger as I’ve been involved with the blogging community since 2011 through my various blogs over the years. People come to my site to get learning and play ideas from the blog, but also to download the resources to either use at home with their own children, or in their classroom or setting if they’re educators. I have a fair amount of home educators who also use my resources which is brilliant. I love being helpful to people and making their lives easier in any way I can, whilst also supporting children’s learning and making really high quality resources for a super low price. I don’t want to be rich from it, but I get immense satisfaction from seeing children enjoying the resources.

Can you describe it in one sentence?

Mrs Mactivity is the home of exciting, hands on, activity based printable learning resources.

When did you become a blogger and what inspired you?

I became a blogger in 2011 after following various other well known blogs at the time, and since I love writing so much I decided to give it a whirl. I remember attending Cybher and feeling really inspired by the other mums there who were making a living out of blogging. At the time I was working as a primary school teacher and really struggling under the strain of bringing up two very young children and trying to do my job to the best of my ability. In the end, something had to give!

How do you manage working around your children?

The way my site works is that most of my members are online in the evening, so I do as much as I can during the hours of 9-3 whilst they are school and preschool, then when they’ve gone to bed, I go online again. You do have to be very careful, especially if you work from home, about drawing the line between what is a reasonable amount of time to spend online and what isn’t. I don’t think I’ve got there quite yet – or so my husband tells me.

Can you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done, how do you manage your time?

I try and do something for myself after school drop off time, as it’s a bit stressful dropping off three children at three different locations. Sometimes I go for a swim, sometimes a coffee or meet a friend for a chat. Since I work from home, and have done for a long time, it can get very lonely and isolating, so it’s important to plan things into your day when you get chance to mix with other adults. After that I usually spend some time photographing and uploading new resources. The photography aspect is very important and something I am not naturally good at, but that I keep working at. I’ve learnt a lot from other bloggers especially people like Maggy at Red Ted Art who is a tremendous support to me. After that I spend time scheduling posts, looking for ideas for new resources and interacting with people in order to build awareness of my site.

What challenges have you faced in with your blog and how have you overcome them?

The main challenge has been around spreading the word about the website. It’s not as easy these days as any time you link back to your site on facebook, the post has barely any reach. I am always looking for alternative ways to build traffic and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m better spending my time focusing on SEO and Pinterest as it’s less work than constantly coming up with new ideas for Facebook.

The other challenge, which I’ve already alluded to is how to switch off. Since my phone and laptop are always there, it’s difficult to put them down sometimes, especially in the evening and I do get really tired sometimes. But then I love what I do – it’s difficult to stop!

What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

For me it’s been about the amazing friendships and opportunities that have presented themselves. I have made friends for life within the blogging community and now have a lot more confidence in myself and what I can achieve.

What are your plans for the future?

To grow Mrs Mactivity and help teachers and parents all over the world!

What advice would you give for someone just starting out in blogging?

Find your niche – and stick to it. But make sure it’s a niche people are interested in! Spend time lurking around other people’s sites, checking out what works and then think about what you’re passionate about and naturally interested in. If you try and fake it, it will show!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

I am always looking for other bloggers to review Mrs Mactivity, so if you’re interested please get in touch.

Mrs Mactivity

If you’re interested in making a living as a parent blogger, check out our review of the Parent Blogger Secrets Course.

Green typewriter with a hand typing and a cup of tea - How do bloggers make money

How Bloggers Make Money

You might well have wondered in the past, how do bloggers make money? Well today we’re going to answer that question. Essentially, bloggers are very similar to the free newspapers and magazines they you receive through the door. They provide some interesting articles for you to read and are paid via companies pacing adverts. For bloggers, advertising can take various forms. While each blogger’s sources of income will be slightly different, we’re going to explain 6 main ways that they make a living. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Programmes like Google Adsense allow bloggers to display adverts on their sites for products that might be of interest to their readers. Bloggers make money when visitors to their site click on the advert. The amount per click is very small and there is usually a minimum payment threshold to be reached before they are paid but blogs that have developed a good level of traffic can make a worthwhile amount.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is when a blogger is paid to display an advert on their site. It usually goes either in the sidebar or at the top of the page. The amount they are paid will vary but essentially the more established and well visited the website is, the more they will be paid. If you have a blog in a small niche advertisers within that niche are likely to be keen to get seen by your audience.

Affiliate Programmes

Bloggers can advertise specific products via an affiliate scheme. These basically mean that when someone goes on to buy the product after clicking a link on their site, bloggers make money. It’s usually a percentage of what the buyer paid. Bloggers may work via large affiliate schemes like Amazon Associates or Affiliate Window or they might have a direct relationship with the brand whose products they are promoting.

Sponsored Content

In some cases bloggers are paid to talk about a product on their blog. This might be a one off, for example being paid to write a post on the benefits of travel insurance. It could also be an ongoing relationship through an ambassadors programme. In an ambassador programme the blogger talks regularly about the product, these are often consumable products like nappies.

Working with Search Engine Optimisation Agencies (SEOs)

A Search Engine Optimisation agency’s aim is to increase the Google ranking of their clients website. One of the ways they do this is by getting other websites to link to that client’s site. Bloggers make money by hosting posts on their site that contain those links. It’s not something Google are very keen on people doing but it isn’t in anyway illegal.

Creating Information Products

Where bloggers are an expert on a certain topic, they can make money from that by creating an information product. An information product basically aims to teach someone something. They can do this in the form of a course or book, usually accessed online. For example, if you were an expert as decluttering, you could create a course called “How to declutter your home”. Bloggers make money by selling these products via their blog. 

You can see that, essentially, all of the ways that bloggers make money, involve some kind of advertising. If you want to make money from blogging it’s important you create great content. Great content will make people want to visit your blog. That in turn will make advertisers want to pay you. It can take time when you first start bloggingfirst start blogging to build an audience but is well worth it once you do.

If you think blogging might be for you, check out my review of the Parent Blogging Secrets course which is a great way to get started with blogging.

This post contains affiliate links.

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How Bloggers Make Money


Parent blogging secrets course review

Parent Blogging Secrets Course Review

When I first started “Business for Mums”, I knew nothing about blogging. I just knew I wanted to share Mum’s business stories and a blog seemed the best way to do it. Because I knew nothing, I made lots of mistakes. That’s fine, it’s how we learn, the only trouble is that it wastes a lot of time. As parents, we don’t tend to have much time so wasting it is a problem. Recently, I have started a second blog (because I wanted to write about a bigger variety of topics). This time round I was determined not to waste any time on mistakes. When I was offered the opportunity to review The “Parent Blogging Secrets” course, it seemed a great way to make sure I was getting things right first time.

Parent Blogging Secrets is an online course developed by Jenny from the Blog Midwife and Life. As the title of her blog suggests, she’s a former midwife turned successful parent blogger, so perfectly placed to create a course for parents who want to earn money from blogging. You can read her full story at the start of the course.

Who is the Parent bloGging secrets course for?

Jenny starts with the basics of setting up a blog so the course is perfect for a brand new blogger. Even with the experience I have of blogging I learnt lots. I kept finding myself coming out of the course to go and change things on my blog based on Jenny’s tips.

The earlier you are in your blogging career, the more you’ll get from the course. Having said that  it still has lots to offer the more experienced blogger. The course would be of huge benefit if you’ve been blogging for a while and are now ready to monetise your blog. It would also be great if you’re struggling with one of the aspects covered such as social media, getting traffic to your blog or staying on top of things.

Getting Started

The early part of the Parent Blogging  Secrets covers what I would call “The Fun Bit”. Jenny goes through choosing a name for your blog (harder than you first imagine!), deciding on colour schemes and finding your niche. 

The technical side of blogging is also well covered. This is a real benefit of the course because getting the technical stuff right in the first place will save you sooo much time later. Don’t worry if you find the tech side a bit scary, everything is carefully explained and easy to follow. The course also provides recommendations for the features you need on a website. This is really helpful because there are so many out there that it’s great to have a starting point.

Making the Best use of your time

The course also covers ways to work effectively and efficiently. This is so important for parent bloggers who are usually squeezing blogging in to nap times and evenings. Jenny offers ideas on how to create great content and how to repurpose it in order to get the most from it. She also shares the tools she uses to work efficiently. These include social media schedulers and plugins (pieces of software that you add to a WordPress website). 

The Parent Blogging Secrets includes an editorial calendar to help you plan and write topical posts. It includes things like national days/weeks/months and annual holidays. Also included is a weekly schedule to help you make sure that you’re using your time wisely.

Driving traffic to your blog

One of the biggest challenges is getting people to your blog and Jenny has loads of tips on how to do it. She also includes checklist to use each time you post, making sure that you are promoting properly. The course explains how to get your blog posts to rank highly in search engine results through search engine optimisation (SEO). This is hugely important because once a post ranks well it will keep bringing new traffic to your blog indefinitely. 

Social media is of course hugely important to bloggers as it’s the other major source of traffic. The course has a section on each of the main social media platforms. Each section includes tips on how to gain followers and what to post. I’m quite new to Instagram and the course has helped me to understand how stories work and how to make the best use of hashtags. The course even includes a comprehensive ebook on Pinterest which is useful for more than just craft bloggers. Jenny also provides a great explanation of how to run a giveaway which can help to increase you social following.

How do bloggers make money?

The other main area the course cover is how to make money from your blog. There are some guidelines you need to be aware of before monetising your blog. Jenny explains the Advertising Standards Authority’s guidelines for influences early on in the course. She also provides a clear explanation of follow and no follow links and why they matter.

The two main monetisation areas Jenny covers are, working with Brands, PRs and SEO agencies and affiliate marketing. She explains the difference between working with Brands/PRs and SEO agencies. She discusses what each one is looking for when selecting bloggers to work with. Domain authority is also explained (basically a measure of how well your blog ranks in search engines) along with how to increase it. This is important as a higher DA will get you more work. In the freebies section there is a swipe file of email templates for contacting companies you are interested in working with. The course includes a great video, explaining affiliate marketing. It also provides links to some of the main affiliate marketing programs.

Benefits of the Parent Blogging Secrets course

I really enjoyed Parent Blogging Secrets, and found it easy to follow. It’s great to have all of the information you need in one place rather than having to remember where you read something whenever you want to check it. If you’re looking at blogging as a way to make money then this is a good place to start. A blog won’t make you money over night but the course will definitely help help you to generate an income from your blog sooner than you otherwise would. 

Blogging is hard work but can be an amazing career if you love writing and have something you’re passionate about sharing. Blogging is also totally flexible. Weather you have school children and need the holidays off or just have nap times to work, it can fit in. If you’d like to get started on a blogging career, you can find out more about the course on the website. If you’d like to read about a real blogger who is making money from blogging, check out Katy’s story.

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Parent blogging course

Blogger Story: Katy Kicker

Tell us your name and a bit about your family? When did you become a
Mum and to whom?

I am Katy, late 20s from Essex. I live with my husband, Tom, and we
have one daughter. Our daughter, Daisy, was born in March 2016 after
waiting more than 7 years to finally conceive!

What’s your blog called?

Can you describe it in one sentence?

Money making, money saving and my lifestyle in general.

When did you become a blogger and what inspired you?

I started blogging around two years ago, back in September 2014. I was
inspired because people used to message me on forums to ask me how I
was making money online. I decided that I could start a website and
this would allow me to direct the people somewhere. It would save me
LOTS of time having to reply to messages with paragraphs of text and
it would allow me to help people in the process.

How do you manage working around your children?

I have just one daughter and at present it isn’t too bad. I tend to
work during nap times and in the evenings when my daughter is asleep.
My husband is a shift worker so I can work more when he is at work, in
peace, and work less when he is home. My daughter goes to see
relatives once a week usually. This gives me a chance to work, for a
full day, and also enjoy a little bit of ‘me time’ too.

Can you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done,
how do you manage your time?

A typical day involves the usual tasks for a small person. Feeding,
clothing, bathing, playing toys etc. Besides that I have a daily
checklist of jobs for my blog. I do a little blogger outreach and
social media management for other brands too. Each day I ensure that I
dedicate 30 minutes to working on these areas, for myself and others,
and I run a very tight ship. I use to-do lists, check lists and set
myself daily targets to achieve what I need to achieve.

Once I’ve done a short amount of work I don’t mind if I don’t achieve
much during the day as I prefer to spend time with my daughter while
she is awake.

What challenges have you faced in with your blog and how have you overcome them?

So far not many. I have been fortunate to have regular traffic from
the beginning and I am experiencing some real exponential growth now.
My blog has changed direction now from being solely about moneymaking
and it is more about my life in general now.

What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

Being able to create my own job. I’ve been working for myself
full-time since 2013 and I have been blogging since late 2014. Since
2015 my blog has been earning me a nice amount of money. This gives me
the freedom to branch out more in other areas of my online work, turn
down low paying opportunities and generally do more work that I
actually enjoy.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I am just working on doing what I do! I love blogging,
love writing, love helping people. I am working on being more helpful,
writing more and growing my website reach even further.

What advice would you give for someone just starting out in blogging?

Ensure that you are blogging about something that you are passionate
about. I am passionate about making and saving money, parenting and
food. These are the areas that I tend to stick to blogging about and
so far it hasn’t steered me wrong.

Try not to worry too much about stats, competitors or being number 1
in any rankings. Ranking, stats and work comes with time, usually. It
is better to enjoy the journey rather than constantly worrying about
being better. Obviously growth is good, and should be a goal, but
nobody needs the stress of constantly obsessing about how many real
time visitors they have according to Google Analytics.img_4288

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Interested in a career as a blogger? Check out the Parent Blogging Secrets course.