5 Inspections To Carry Out In Your Workplace

Inspections can help to make sure that your workplace meets certain standards. These standards may include legal requirements or simply advisories to help make your workplace better. It’s worth hiring a professional to carry out certain inspections. Below are just 5 inspections that every business with work premises can benefit from.

Physical security

Commercial buildings are a common target for burglars. You should consider how secure your workplace is against a break-in. For example, can windows and doors be easily prized open? Do you have a burglar alarm system installed? Are there cameras on your property?

A security inspection of your property may be able to help you find extra ways of deterring burglars and keeping your property secure. There are security companies that can carry out these inspections, helping to identify if locks are strong enough or if windows are made of a suitable material.


A lot of criminals are now using the internet to steal and extort money from businesses. Strong cybersecurity can help you to fend off hackers and viruses. This includes using cloud storage, keeping software secure, using strong passwords, keeping your network secure and making sure that your website is secure.

Managed IT services are worth investing in to help you improve your cybersecurity. Such companies can take a look at your IT infrastructure and help to patch up any vulnerabilities.


A fire could destroy your premises and property, as well as causing harm to you and your employees. It is important that you invest in certain fire safety measures to reduce the risk of a fire (many measures may even be legally compulsory if you have employees). This could include having the appropriate alarms and extinguishers, as well as having clear fire escape routes. 

You should get a fire risk assessment done on your property to check that it is safe. This should be carried out by a qualified expert.


General health and safety

General health and safety is also something that your company needs to keep on top of. This includes everything from maintaining clean air quality to using the right type of protective equipment. 

A health and safety audit will be able to identify any health and safety risks that need to be protected against. This should be carried out by a professional health and safety inspector. You may find that there are different health and safety inspectors that specialise in different industries.


Reducing your company’s energy usage can help you to save money and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. There are many things that can impact energy-efficiency from the machinery you use to the level of insulation. Not all of this is obvious, which is why you may want to organise a professional audit. 

An energy audit of your premises will be able to determine what improvements you can make to save energy. At the very least, your workplace should meet legal energy requirements.