Why Two-Way Radios Are A Great Solution For Any Business

When people talk about investing in technology for your business, they usually mean buying the most up to date software or kitting your office out with brand new computers. They’re probably not talking about two-way radios, but they should be. 

We live in a world that is more connected than ever and there are so many modern tools to keep in touch and improve communication in your business, so old-fashioned options like radios often get overlooked. However, there are actually a lot of benefits of using a business radio. Here’s why you should consider them. 


They Provide Instant Communication

Everybody knows how to use a radio because it’s so simple; just press the button and talk. This makes instant communication so much easier, which is vital for a lot of businesses. If you are running a busy shop and an employee needs to call the back room and check stock, for example, radios are perfect. They’re also useful in any large office where people need to communicate with others around the building. Even though things like instant chat are useful, radios can be carried around easily, so everybody can instantly communicate wherever they are. 

They’re also easier to use than a smartphone because you don’t have to scroll through menus to find contacts and then type out messages. You can simply switch to the right channel and start talking. 


They’re Affordable

Some of the modern communication tools come with all the bells and whistles, but that is reflected in the bill. A salesperson will try to dazzle you with all of these features and you’ll be left with a huge monthly cost at the end of it. But radios do everything you need them to do and they’re far more affordable. There are some great companies like Cyber Communications, INC who can set you up with a full radio package and get you some excellent discounts. Modern two-way radio systems come with plenty of modern features too, so you still get the same functionality that you get with other communications solutions, but you don’t get the big price tag.  


They’re More Secure

Online security is a big concern for all businesses these days. They need to think carefully about how they store data and how information is passed between employees. When emails about business issues are flying back and forth, you have a huge amount of sensitive data sitting in email accounts. If somebody hacks those emails, you’re in big trouble. Naturally, you can’t avoid sending documents etc but radios are a far more secure way for people in your business to communicate internally. The less sensitive information that is stored on computers or in the cloud, the better. There are still some risks there, but if you use a private channel, you are much safer than you would be if you were on a live chat system. 

People tend to think of radios as being old-fashioned, but they’re actually a great communications solution for any business.